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This is the playlist for Wednesday, June 28, 2000:
Updated: June 6, 2001

We continue the SMACK IT CINCINNATI! slogan contest. If you'd like to enter, either call the show at 513.749.1444, or email the guys with your suggestion. Winners will be announced during a future show.

Our second and third in-studio guests graced the Air Studios today. Kevin brought a case full of dry wit and public service announcements, and Red Suited Wonder Boy showed up with an art book filled with lyrics and poetry. Interesting indeed. Thanks for coming to SMACK IT CINCINNATI!, guys...

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Lionel Richie / Endless Love / Truly -- The Love Songs / 1997 / Drew muses: "I really think that Lionel Richie is under-rated. Especially now, since he hasn't released anything memorable since the late 1990's. No really. I was glad to be able to start of this show in a ...different... way." Bruce adds: "I'm still sobbing. I love Smack It SO MUCH!!"

Dave Matthews Band / Stay / Before These Crowded Streets / 1999 / Bruce spouts: "Don't it make you wanna?" Drew says: "Dave Matthews Band... I expect big things from this little-known combo."

Various Artists / Gethsemine (I Only Want To Say) / Jesus Christ Superstar -- A Resurrection / 1995 / Drew voices: "JCS was one of the very first musicals I ever heard. It's amazing work, even after all this time. 'Modern' rock operas owe a debt to JCS, and none have managed to attain the same heights. This version features Amy Ray (from the Indigo Girls) as Jesus, and is an outstanding recording."

Red-Suited Wonder Boy / LGBNAF / unreleased / unreleased / Drew chatters: "All Bruce told me was that we were going to have a 'spoken-word' artist on the show today. When RSWB came in (in all h came in (in all his considerable glory) and began to rap LGBNAF (a true classic of 'gansta rap'), I could barely contain my joy."

Nigel Kennedy / Fire / Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix / 1993 / Bruce: "Kevin claims that Nigel is a Doctor at something. Hmm. I liked this version more than I thought I would."

Getaway People / There She Goes / Turnpike Diaries / 1999 / Drew spouts off: "Getaway People -- good fun music for a good fun day."

SMACK IT TRIVIA CHALLENGE: RSWB and Kevin went up against The Drew, resulting in the FIRST-EVER tie. The final scores were: Drew 4, RSWB 4, and Kevin 1. Because Drew is an amazing good sport, he awarded the prize (a tongue brush) to RSWB. Drew: "RSWB: You are truly a worthy opponent." Bruce: "The bitch set me up."

Aphex Twin / Girl/Boy Song / Richard D. James Album / 1996 / Bruce: "Whoo boy. After a few listens to this type of Aphex Twin song and my brain starts to figure out those wacky snares. The Richard James Album was my driving soundtrack for last fall. I hope that bit of information isn't too boring for you." ng for you." Drew chimes in: "Interesting music, this group. I wish I was able to hear more of it during the show today, but I was otherwise occupied, dusting off and cueing up..."

Ricky Martin / Livin' La Vida Loca / Ricky Martin / 1999 / Drew utters: "Ricky Martin was selected to apologize to RSWB for messing up his gansta rap. He loved it." Bruce: "It's a well documented fact that RSWB drove from Cincinnati to Canton one weekend last year with this cassette single as the only audio entertainment in his car, and enjoyed it."

Red-Suited Wonder Boy / Bring the Noise / unreleased / unreleased

Cher / Half-Breed / Greatest Hits (1974) / 1974 / Drew extoles: "Who doesn't love Cher, and doesn't this song speak to the Native American in all of us?" Bruce adds: "One of my first memories is my sister singing this song around the house. To this day, you can't stop her singing when this is on. This morning, they were stopped at a rail crossing in Sharonville and I think she made her children get out of the minivan and do a little rain-dance type thing around the Windstar for the two and half minutes this was on. I read today that this song was written by the brothers Gibb. Scary" "

Michael Hedges / Ignition / Oracle / 1996 / Drew gushes: "Michael was such an amazing guitar player. I saw him at Bogarts shortly before he died, and was floored by his performance. When I met Michael backstage, I was impressed at how 'down-to-earth' he was. His death is a tragedy." Bruce retorts: "Did he play well just before he died? Usually people are under a lot of stress just prior to their death."

Mark Whitfield / Blues for Alice / True Blue / 1994 / Bruce: "A great Charlie Parker jazz tune, done a fantastic justice by Mark. Doesn't it sound like I know what I'm talking about here? Really we mostly played this for fine variety and to suck up to jazz-hound Big Daddy, whose show is on directly after ours" Drew adds: "Just like Big Daddy always says, 'Tune in to Smack It Up Cincinnati next week!'!"

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