Some behind-the-scenes changes…

In anticipation of upgrading to the newest release (0.701) of PostNuke, our Content Management System, I have made some behind-the-scenes changes to the way that the Main Menu works.

Users should notice no functional differences, and will see that there is a new option, Who Is Online, for you to play with. This feature displays the username of registered users who are currently on the system, or IP addresses if they’re not registered.

No Upgrade (Yet)!

I’ve decided to wait to upgrade this system to the latest release of Post-Nuke. The most recent release has not been very smooth, so we will not upgrade this site until some of the rough spots are smoothed out.

It is my expectation that installation of the new release will be transparent to users — that is, you won’t notice that anything has changed as you’re using the system.

One thing that will change is that the new system has a more robust user permissions system. Therefore, it will be to your benefit to sign up for a FREE account here at DrewVogel.COM in order to use the new features.

During the upgrade, I am also considering upgrading our forums at the same time to be more integrated with the system. As it stands now, you have to sign in twice to use the forums — once on DrewVogel.COM and again within the forums. I think that’s inefficient.

If I’m able to find a forum that is integrated within Post-Nuke, I will install and use that since the current implementation has fallen somewhat stagnent.

As usual, if you notice anything strange, please let me know!

System Software Upgrade at DrewVogel.COM

This is big.

I just upgraded my system software (the excellent PostNuke) from .64 to .703. It was a fairly easy upgrade since the new version has been running in parallel with the old system for a few weeks to allow me to get the bugs out.

It is now more important that users LOG IN to the system as several features (Andromeda, Forums, Member List, and more) have been made accessible to MEMBERS ONLY. If you need to register for membership, click here.

ONE CRITICAL THING: If you’re a registered user and things are behaving strangely when you’re online, you might need to delete your cookies, close & reopen your browser, and then try this site again.

As usual, if there are any questions or problems that come up, please let me know!

Another System Upgrade!

This evening, I upgraded my website with the latest (0.712) version of PostNuke.

Some pretty big changes, as you can see… The old theme (Maroon) that I was using as the default theme for this site no longer functioned with the new version, so it had to be taken offline until I can work out compatibility. Expect to see it return once it’s working again.

Until then, please let me know of any system weirdness!

Another CMS upgrade

This morning, I upgraded PostNuke, our Content Management System (CMS), to the latest version (0.713).

I’d been running a pre-release version of this release for some time so there were very few changes from that version to the release version.

Please let me know if you spot any problems with this new installation!

PREVIEW of Official PostNuke Installation and Getting Started Guide AVAILABLE!

EDIT: I am no longer associated with PostNuke. This file has been removed from my sites.

A PREVIEW version (currently PDF format ONLY) of the Official PostNuke Installation and Getting Started Guide is available on my website. The FINAL version will be released on my website, and also included in future distributions of PostNuke. The most current and up-to-date version will always be found on my website.

This version of the Official PostNuke Installation and Getting Started Guide is the most current, up-to-date edition, and is presented for your review and comment. Please be aware that this Guide is currently INCOMPLETE. Areas that are being worked on now are marked with “OTTO” in the left margin. I am very interested in review of and comment on the Guide as it stands at this point. If you notice anything that is spelled incorrectly, is incomplete, could be explained better, or is just plain WRONG, please let me know at

You may not distribute, modify, or translate the document without the prior consent of Drew Vogel ( The only approved use is review, comment, and personal use.

Once the Guide is completed (which should be quite soon) and through the peer review process, it will be released with fewer restrictions, and in additional formats (text, PDF, HTML, etc). It will also be ‘prettied up’ instead of being displayed in this ugly monospace font. Currently, I am interested only in the evaluation of the CONTENT, not the PRESENTATION.

Once the Guide is finished, translation will be permitted and encouraged. If you are interested in translating this Guide, please contact Drew Vogel (

The document is available to all visitors (registration is not required) from the Downloads section of my website, Please form a single-file line. No pushing.

Today's Upgrade

Today, I upgraded PostNuke on this site to version 0.714. It went pretty smoothly, but there was an error in one function that made much of the site inaccessible for several hours today. That you are reading this indicates that the problem was fixed.

Thanks to ByronM & Gregor, the problem was tracked down and fixed. Apparently, one of the 11th hour additions to the CVS BROKE some things.

A work-around was discovered for sites that run only one theme. In includes/pnAPI.php, change line 891 from:

function pnThemeLoad($thistheme)


function pnThemeLoad($thistheme=’yourtheme’)

Where yourtheme is the name of the theme you wish to run on your site. For example, mine looks like:

function pnThemeLoad($thistheme=’DrewNuke’)

Nomination for scapegoat of the week to whomever BROKE it, and cookies to ByronM & Gregor for spending the time with me to fix it.