New Home for this Site!

This system is now running off my home machine. It wasn’t too big a job to get it going, but I’m certain that there are still some bugs to work out before it’s 100%.

Please bear with me!

This site is running off one of my home machines, a hardened Linux-Mandrake 8.0 PowerPack installation on a Pentium II/350 machine with 128 megs of memory and 6+ gigs of hard drive space.

It connects to the internet through Cincinnati Bell ZoomTown’s ADSL lines using ZoomService to automatically log on each time the machine is booted.

ZoomService also logs the IP address to YI.ORG, a re-director which is necessary since my ISP uses dynamic addressing. Each time the machine logs onto the Internet, a different IP address is given. Logging on to YI.ORG provides a consistent, easy-to-use way to make sure that DrewVogel.COM is always where you expect it to be.

Future enhancements may include migrating the actual DrewVogel.COM site to this hardware, provided that it can be done with a domain name and dynamic IP addresses…

New PHP-Nuke version — 5.01

I have just installed version 5.01 of PHP-Nuke. This version fixes some small bugs, and speeds up the sending of pages.

Additionally, I have enabled output compression (using GZIP/zlib) on the server side, which should eek a little more speed out of transfers as well, especially on repeated page-views.

Please let me know of any problems that you encounter while using this system.


The Waiting Game…

Well, now it’s just waiting…

I’ve put in change orders on my DNS to point from my old host to my home-host, but it takes some times, sometimes a couple, two-three days, for the DNS to propogate.

I will keep you posted as to when that change has happened.

There should be little to no downtime for DrewVogel.COM; however, some quirks will likely need to be worked out before the system is running smoothly.

Thanks for bearing with me.

The Waiting is Over! The New Site Launches!

Sometime last night (24-July-2001), the DNS servers were updated with my new connection information.
That means that this site is now being served off my own computer.

What does that mean to you? Well, first and foremost, it means that the ‘old’ DrewVogel.COM has not yet merged with this ‘new’ DrewVogel.COM. I’ll be migrating things over as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

It also means that there are likely some things that currently do not work — message boards, etc. Hang in there, and we’ll get it going soon.

If you want the ‘old’ DrewVogel.COM, link to this page.

New PHP-Nuke version — 5.20

PHP-Nuke 5.20 has been installed on this system.

It has several new features, including advanced Block support, the ability to include images within articles, 100% true multilanguage support, possibility to toggle comments on selected articles, and much more…

This is the last release of PHP-Nuke before some major changes will occur in the code. We will follow these changes and evaluate them for inclusion into this site. Stay tuned!