Dive Dive Dive!

Those of you who read the exhaustive account of our Punta Cana trip will recall that one of our favorite events down there was our “discovery dive.” They gear you up, put you in a swimming pool with an instructor who speaks English reasonably well. He shows you a few emergency techniques (like how to put your mask back on in case some idiot kicks it off, and how to take off and put on your gear in case you get tangled up in something), tells you to “just keep breathing” and out to the deep blue you go.

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Scuba Diving at Natural Springs

On Sunday, August 24, 2003, Wendy & I went diving at Natural Springs Resort in New Paris, Ohio.

This was a significant event for two reasons. First, it was the first time Wendy & I dove alone, and secondly, it was the first time we got to use our new dive computers.

We had a blast, and completed two short dives (the tanks we rented were pretty small) over to the rock wall on the far side of the lake. Visability was good; when we were 20 feet down, you could look up the rock wall and see it extend above the waterline (which is a very cool view).

Top 10 Signs You Need to Practice Better Buoyancy Control

From the users of www.scubadiving.com

#10: You rely on the silt trail you always stir up to find the anchor line.

#9: You never use fins because it makes it more difficult to walk on the bottom.

#8: The only place you can hover is at the surface.

#7: Your nickname is “Yo-Yo”.

#6: Six Flags models its next roller coaster on your dive profile.

#5: On ascents, your entire body clears the surface of the water.

#4: You use 500 psi for breathing and 2,500 psi for your BC.

#3: You made one dive, but your dive computer has logged it as three.

#2: Small boats of tourists appear in the area to watch you “breach”.

#1: You think that being neutral in the water means that you don’t fight with your dive buddy.

MEXICO 2006: Welcome new friends!

Hello to Edgar (an old friend), and new friends Steffi, Rosa, Mikey, Toro, Fernando, Tavo, Buddy, Jenny, Dawn, Jon, Tasha, Craig, Jochen, Daniel, Sandy, Jim, Marta, Flavia, Jimena, and the others!

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