Mr. Face Update — 15-Feb-2002

Last night, Wendy was planning to leave Mr. Face at the her veterinary hospital instead of bringing him home (she typically takes him in with her in the morning (he’s fed, watered, held, & cared for all day) and brings him home in the evening). But, because she was planning to do a feeding tube (e-tube) surgery on him on Friday (today), she was planning to feed him and leave him there.

So she went in with his gruel (a smelly mixture of water and food called “A/D” which is for sickies). Instead of having to squirt this noxious concoction into Mr. Face’s mouth a messy syringe-ful at a time, Mr. Face got ALL EXCITED when the food was brought within range of his little nose, and stuck his whole face into the food dish to gobble it as quickly as possible. This is new behaviour, and was exhibited again when Wendy brought him home and it was feeding time.

We’re thinking that he’s starting to get his sense of smell back a bit (which is good), and is starting to be aware of the right side of his face, which has been nerve-dead to this point.

Wendy also did a visual examination of Mr. Face’s soft palate and said that it is healing very well (it had been split in the accident). It appears that Mr. Face’s lower jaw wire might need to be adjusted — sometimes his tongue gets hung up underneath it.

A good day for Mr. Face!

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Another Mr. Face update…

Time for another Mr. Face update!

He’s starting to get some strength back, which is a good thing. Also, he meows when he hears cans of cat food being opened. Very cute.

Still blind as far as we can tell. We’re expecting that he’ll be blind forever. The blood has mostly cleared from his eye, leaving a nice-looking but non-working green eye in there.

The swelling from his injuries has mostly gone down, so he’s able to use his mouth and nose much better now. Wendy will remove the lower jaw wire in a week or so.

We’re currently keeping an eye on his potty practices, to see if he’s reliably using the litter box. If so, we’ll be able to take him OUT of the playpen where he’s living and allow him to have access to the whole room (at first), and if he does well with that, eventually opening the whole house to him. For a long time, Mr. Face wanted to sit in his litter box, which made him a smelly cat. However, all of a sudden, he’s happiest sitting in a small plastic box in his playpen.

Some other things… First, he prefers A/D cat food over any other canned food. He’ll eat some dry, but not much. Secondly, he was able to kick Dolly’s ass (she was sniffing him) even though he’s blind! Not a good statement of Dolly’s intellegence.

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Further progress…

Work continues inside his little brain as he slowly rejoins the land of the living. This morning Drew went in to feed him his morning can of A/D (the highlight of both their days), and found Mr. Face sitting happily OUTSIDE the playpen. We wondered if somehow we had forgotten to put him back in it last night before bed, but his escape artistry was confirmed when I got up and again found him contentedly sitting outside the pen.

Obviously he is ready for more freedom, so the playpen is scrapped (in storage for the next sickie, or God forbid, a real baby) and we got a big plastic mat on which to place his food and litter box. Now Mr. Face has free run of the spare bedroom and seems to be quite happy about it. He has no vision at all, but somehow he found the only sunbeam on the floor to sleep in.

He has developed (returned to?) quite a fetching little personality now that he’s more than just a purring thing in a box that we pet… he’s curious and quite loving. It’s doubtful that he’ll ever see a thing (the eye is fine, but the nerves to his brain are decidedly NOT), but is adjusting well to his blindness. Such amazing critters are cats.

I wonder if, when he was an outside stray — cold and hungry and maybe lonely, perhaps he wished for a loving family and a warm place to sleep and all the food he could imagine. I wonder if he thinks the price he paid was worth it?

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A Mr. Face Update

On Thursday, March 21, 2002, Wendy took out the wire that was holding Mr. Face’s broken lower jaw together to allow it to heal.

Wendy reported that the wire wasn’t doing much, since it was put in when his jaw was terribly swollen. When the swelling went down, the wire wasn’t as tight as it could have been. Wendy was leery of knocking Mr. Face out again to tighten the wire, so we just made do. She reports that the jaw is healing ‘pretty well’, and that there is some independent movement of the sides of the jaw (which isn’t good), but Wendy is confident that it will eventually heal completely. She noticed that one of his teeth was badly broken during the accident and will eventually need to be removed.

While he was knocked out, Wendy did an examination of his eye and found his retina ‘floating’, which means that his eye is broken and he will never see out of it again. He’s going to be a blind cat forever.

Mr. Face was a little disoriented when he came home (completely understandable!), but tucked right into his food when we gave it to him, and his mouth (minus the wire) worked very well.

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More Mr. Face…

Mr. Face rapidly progresses. He is master of the upstairs, free from all restraints and closed doors. Blind, as always (anybody got a spare cat retina?), he knows where his food and litterbox are, where the scratching post is, and most importantly, where the bed is. He is quite the cuddlebug, and spends all night (and likely most of the day) comfortably ensconced on our bed. The mystery of the stairs continues to elude him… won’t even attempt them, and seems to wonder why we have a bottomless pit at the edge of the hallway. He must have lived in a ranch house in his former life.

The remaining cats are of varied opinion on his continued presence… Ringo is his buddy and they have congenial sniffs daily. Oliver is deathly afraid of him and creeps around on his rare ventures upstairs, running at the sight of him. Merrick pretends he doesn’t exist and refuses to come upstairs at all, preferring to poop in the dining room as an expression of his distain for all things Face.

Dolly is learning about electricity… because Face can’t eat at the high table with the rest of the fat boys, his food stays on the ground… an irrisistable temptation for dogs. So Dolly wears an invisible fence collar which responds to an indoor transmitter which creates a “no-fly zone” around Face’s dish… so far she has run from the beeping, but it’s only a matter of time before the zap gets her. How many zaps until she learns to not eat cat food? We’ll keep you posted.

In short, Face is a normal cat. He seems to have a happy little life… dull, perhaps, but safe and warm and loved. It’s been a long road to get here, but we are richer for his presence.

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Psychic night for Mr. Face

Tonight Mr. Face met Donetta the animal psychic. She came to our horse barn for a demonstration and everyone thought he’d be a great candidate for a reading.

Donetta is a very cool lady who has been listenening to animals since she was a child. She likes to touch the animals when she’s communicating with them, and spoke with a dog and two horses in addition to Mr. Face.
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