Congratuations to Wendy!

Congratulations to Wendy who participated in the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 2012 on Sunday, May 6.

For a variety of reasons, she wasn’t planning on participating this year, but at the last moment, my company’s relay team needed a replacement. I mentioned that to Wendy, and she jumped at the opportunity.

We arrived downtown on Sunday morning at 5:45am, found rock-star parking, walked a short distance to the start line, and immediately met up with other folks from my company who were also racing.

Once they were all situated, I walked further down along the route and found the perfect place from which to taunt the racers with my provocative signage.

Wendy ran strong even run up Gilbert hill!

Way to go, Wendy! I’m so proud of you.

Merrick — RIP, 2012-05-20

Sunday, 5/20/2012 was a very sad day at the Vogel household. On Sunday evening, we reluctantly bid farewell to Merrick, a cat who was Wendy’s “perfect, precious angel boy”.

Merrick was 16 years old, and one of the original “Wendy Trio” that came with her into our relationship, along with Ringo (RIP) and Oliver (still alive and peeing on stuff). Of those three, Merrick was the sensitive mama’s boy. His love for hairdressing was legendary — he would perch on Wendy’s chest and lick her hair until it was perfectly ‘done’ (in his feline eyes).

Years ago, as Wendy & I were becoming a couple, it was fascinating to watch Merrick, who only had eyes for Wendy (and food, but mostly for Wendy). He didn’t notice me at all, so brightly did Wendy shine in his eyes. I’ve never observed such a singular love as Merrick had for Wendy.

Wendy rescued Merrick during her vet schooling, and he’d been with her ever since. It was a fitting end, last night, that Wendy sat with Merrick on the couch, holding him close, until his little heart stopped beating.

He lived every breath for Wendy. Merrick will be missed terribly.