The List of Good Band Names

There are lots of names that would be great for bands… Let’s make a list of them here. Submit a Comment with any you’d like to see added! Continuously updated. Thanks Jay and others for helping with this list!

Unknown PayPal Donation Snafu (thanks, Beth!)

The Looming Apocalypse of Climate Change


Cosmic Nomads (thanks, Eoin Colfer!)

Handsome Badass (thanks, Linford!)

Fat Presidents

Peasants with Pitchforks

Nose Hair Mustache

Bits of Moliere (credit to Ted and a bottle of Newcastle)

Pedantic Venacular

Double Entendre Snack Food (AKA Salty Nut Log and the Double Creme Betweens)

Pernicious Nonsense

Soulless Hellhole

Boggart Dementor

Chocolate from Heathens

Gabriel and the Almighty Slap

Extruded Plastic Dingus

Tender Nipple Buds

Dolphins of the Barnyard

Man Up, Nancy!

Emotional Clods

Locking Loins (and, the spin off “Banging Ass”)

Infested with Art Students

The PCs (Pretentious Cocks)

Obviously Derivative (a cover band, naturally)

Pre-Fab Chaos

God’s Comic

Little Burn-Faced Midget Boy and the EMTs

Corpse Dogs

Unkle Al and the Green Jeans

Man Mayo

Little Burn Face Midget Boy & The Shriners

Harmonious Breath

Cupid’s Firey Shaft

Meddling Monkey

Athenian Swain

Female Ivy

Mac Dang and the Ripple Creek Fairies

The Flung

Hillbillies on Crack

Morbid Obesity

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