My April Fool Gag at my Office

When the agenda for our staff meeting included the entry, “Happy April Fool’s Day!” as item one, an idea occured to me. When the meeting started with the meeting host saying, “It’s April Fool’s Day, everyone!”, I said, “To celebrate April Fool’s Day, I brought bagels for everyone. They’re upstairs.”

I thought it was pretty funny. Some of my co-workers did too.

FOOD.COM enters open beta

(thanks to Lifehacker for the screenshot)

Now it can be told… After a long period of closed beta, FOOD.COM, an exciting online recipe aggregator and search application can finally be discussed as it enters open beta. This web application — which can retrieve recipes from, Food & Wine, Epicurious, Cooking Light, and Gourmet — comes from Food Network founder Scripps Networks.

After registering (which is free), you can save the recipes you find to your “Recipe Box” by grabbing them and dragging them into a little box at the bottom of the page, and add recipes to your box from sites not covered by, or upload your own entirely new text recipe.

It’s a great resource, and I expect it to continue developing in interesting directions. Let me know what you think in comments.