Jenn-Air Dual-Fuel Installed!

Jenn-Air Dual-Fuel Range
Jenn-Air Dual-Fuel Range

Finally, after dealing with the crappy, original glass-top electric range in our house for as long as possible, I’ve had enough. Generally, modern glass-top electric ranges run the spectrum from crappy to very good. This old battlehorse was probably the very first one ever built, before the technology had progressed, so it had gotten a bit, well, slow over the years.

In fact, if I took your palm and placed it flat on the biggest burner on the range, turned that burner up to high, within 30-45 minutes you’d say, “Gee… I might need to start thinking about moving this hand in a little while”. Yes. It was that slow (well, maybe not really, but it was slow).

So, feeling flush from my recent ongoing adjunct teaching gig at Midwest Culinary Institute, I decided to purchase an upgraded range. And boy, did I!

After careful & considerable research, I decided on a Jenn-Air Stainless Double Oven Dual-Fuel Range. “Dual-fuel” means that the ovens are electric and the 5-burner continuous-surface cooktop is gas (pictured top right of this article). The larger of the two ovens is convection. The cooktop ranges from 600 BTUs to 16,000, so we’ve got a good spread there.

Chris, an guy specializing in such things, came to finish the gas line to the stove and to make sure that the ovens were perfectly level (Wendy had grown tired of lopsided cakes from the old oven). The old oven was quickly claimed by a guy from FreeCycle.ORG (a truly wonderful service if you’ve got stuff to get rid of) and was out of our lives.

The new stove is awesome. I am really, really happy with my purchase, and I got a great deal (and great service) from Bridgeville Appliance in Pennsylvania. Work with Jim there — he’s a nice, honest guy.

Here are some specs on my range…

Control Panel

  • Customization options include control lockout and 72-hour Sabbath Mode.
  • Bread Proofing protects bread dough from room temperature changes or drafts during proofing.
  • Electronic oven controls with keypad entry activate with just a light touch.
  • Electronic clock with timer provides a sleek look and easy operation.
  • Auto Convection Conversion takes the guesswork out of convection cooking for consistent results.
  • Drying feature makes it easy to dry fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers in the oven.
  • Favorite Setting makes it easy to program and save the oven settings for a favorite family recipe.
  • Cook & Hold setting keeps food warm in the oven for up to one hour after the preset cook time has expired.
  • Keep Warm option keeps food warm while you’re waiting for guests to arrive or finishing up the meal.
  • Delay-start cooking and cleaning puts your oven to work while you’re doing other things.


  • Five sealed gas burners with lift-off burner caps provide easy cleanup and great cooking flexibility.
  • Gas cooking surface provides the excellent heating control cooks prefer.
  • SureFlame ignition protection prevents flame from being accidentally extinguished by drafts.
  • Ultra high performance 16,000 BTU burner offers quick heat-up for boiling.
  • Ultra low output simmer burner reduces to 600 BTUs for heating delicate sauces.
  • Porcelain-on-cast iron burner grates are durable and stylish.
  • Infinite surface control settings provide pinpoint temperature control for gourmet cooks.


  • Brushed stainless finish control knobs provide a sleek style accent that enhances any décor.
  • Extra-large Panaview oven window allows you to see what’s cooking, without opening the door.
  • Stainless steel towel bar oven door handle combines form with function for a distinctive look.
  • Double oven cooking flexibility in a range that fits in the same space as a traditional range.


  • Electric Two-Speed MultiMode convection oven provides Convect Bake, Convect Roast and Drying capabilities for outstanding results.
  • Electric double ovens allow you to cook two different foods at two different temperatures.
  • Two ovens allow you to cook two different foods at two different temperatures.
  • Create-A-Space half-rack in lower oven converts from a full-width oven rack to provide extra room for a side dish.
  • 5.22 cu. Ft. overall capacity provides ample space to cook an entire meal with ease.
  • CustomClean self-cleaning oven enables you to match cleaning levels to soil buildup to keep oven sparkling clean.
  • Bread Proofing, Drying, Cook & Hold and Keep Warm options expand oven capabilities.
  • Upper oven is fully-equipped with bake, broil, toast and keep warm function to meet most of your basic cooking needs.


  • Gas cooking surface provides the excellent heating control cooks prefer.
  • Electric double ovens allow you to cook two different foods at two different temperatures.
  • Infinite surface control settings provide pinpoint temperature control for gourmet cooks.
  • Ultra high performance 16,000 BTU burner offers quick heat-up for boiling.
  • Ultra low output simmer burner reduces to 600 BTUs for heating delicate sauces and melting chocolate.

Our Trip to Houston, Texas

From August 8-12, 2008, Wendy & I were in lovely Houston Texas to attend the wedding of a friend of mine. Why they chose to get married in TEXAS in AUGUST is beyond me, but we had a great time despite the oppressive heat and humdity!

Our flights were short and uneventful and we landed in Houston’s Hobby Airport with the entire day stretching out ahead of us. We got our rental car and headed to the hotel, the La Quinta Inn on West Loop South, in the city’s swanky Galleria district. We didn’t expect to be able to get into our room since we were several hours early for their 3:00pm check-in. We were pleasantly suprised that Paul, the front desk clerk, allowed us to go right up. The La Quinta Inn was much nicer than we expected. It had a nice pool and hot tub, and the room was clean, interestingly laid-out (not just a box), and included a mini-fridge and a microwave. We got settled into our room and then went out to find some lunch.

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HAPPY MOUTH — August, 2008

A few days ago, the members of Happy Mouth (and guests Julie & Terry) met to dine at Holly’s pick, Apsara, an Asian-fusion restaurant. We found that they had very nice sushi and a lobster soup that Wendy loved, and a nice curry. The rest of the food was very good as well (despite strong rumors to the contrary — inside joke).

There were a couple missteps, though. First, in a large (mostly-empty) restaurant, the management seated our large party (12-14) next to another large party in an otherwise-empty dining room. The noise was staggering, but even worse was that one lone server (with a lovely mullet) was serving both of our tables, which meant that service was slow and uneven.

But worst of all was when I noticed that my sushi order was a bit light — I hadn’t received everything I’d ordered. The server realized that he’d set my sushi plate down at the end of the table, and their sushi order was set before me. Both of us had started eating, but the server simply grabbed the plates and swapped them. Now, I’m no prude, and the folks that had their fingers in my food are friends, but that still counted as a giant mistake in my book. <sarcasm>Fortunately, the server went deaf just before I started complaining.</sarcasm> Otherwise, the food and experience was fun.

Another successful Happy Mouth!

Welcome "ATTACK OF THE SHOW" TV viewers!

I noticed that my pageviews have skyrocketed over the last few days.

A bit of investigation reveals that G4 tv‘s popular technology news-and-reviews show, ATTACK OF THE SHOW did a piece on Evernote, an information management tool that I use and advocate. My website (and photo) appears in Evernote’s promotional video which shows features of their software. This promotional video was used to generate content for the short segment that appeared on ATTACK OF THE SHOW.

Apparently, lots of G4 viewers have Personal Video Recorders and single-framed through the video to see my URL, and then came visiting. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the site.

08/12/2008 Wine Dinner at Midwest Culinary Institute

On Wednesday, August 12, 2008, the Midwest Culinary Institute hosted another Wine Dinner, this time prepared by Chef Kyle Goebel with wines by Chad Johnson, owner of Dusted Valley Vintner Winery. Sadly, we were in Houston, Texas and missed the dinner. But here’s the menu and photos… It sounded great!

Amuse Bouche
Yellowfin Tuna Tataki, Yuzu, Wakame, and Microgreens
La Sera Malvasia 2007

First Course
Watermelon Consomme, Pickled Cucumber Granite, and Lavendar Dust
Boomtown Pinot Gris 2006

Second Course
Sliced, Butter-Poached Lobster, Hearts of Palm, Avocado, Valencia Orange Supreme, and Mango Beurre Blanc
Boomtown Unoaked Chardonnay 2006
Dusted Valley Vintner Viognier 2006

Third Course
Duck Confit, Sweet Potato Crepe, Chantrelle Mushrooms with Seared Duck Breast, Bing Cherries, Arugula, and Micro Cilantro

Boomtown Merlot 2004

Fourth Course
Cinnamon-Smoked Lamb T-Bone, Herb Risotto, and Blueberry Gastrique
Boomtown Syrah 2006
Dusted Valley Vintner Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Fifth Course
White Donut Peach, Dark Chocolate, and Raisin Compote
Red Head Ranch Late Harvest Zinfandel 2004