DINNER 334: Friday, December 1, 2006

Tonight was the first night (of two nights) of the Madrigal Dinner at Kentucky Wesleyan College. This evening is the performance that I attended, and it was very nice.

A brisk night in Owensboro Kentucky was a lovely contrast to the warm, inviting room (well, gymnasium) that had been set for the Madrigal. Approximately 70 singers (currently Kentucky Wesleyan Singers as well as the returning alums (including Wendy)) had lovely powerful voices through a variety of songs, including THE DONKEY’S GIFT by “Doc” himself.

The meal was traditional — mulled cider, salad, carrots, roasted pork with stuffing, freshly-baked bread, and chocolate mousse cups for dessert. Everything was very tasty, and I had good company at our table — the husband and parents of one of Wendy’s friends who was also singing (the two girls were dressed identically the first night!), a couple of locals, and two students (both football players for KWC). The conversation was light and lively and the Madrigal Dinner went far to promoting the holiday spirit.

After the show, a group of the alums descended on O’Charlies for snacks and drinks.

DINNER 335: Saturday, December 2, 2006

Tonight was the second (and last) night of the Madrigal Dinner at Kentucky Wesleyan College. Wendy & I joined a few other alums for dinner at FAMOUS DELI in Owensboro. We had a starter of fried mozzarella with marinara sauce (it was excellent), then I had their very-good Chicken Marsala with a Malbac wine. I had hoped to try AMERICAN BOUNTY restaurant, but was happy that we went to FAMOUS DELI instead.

After dinner, Wendy dropped me back at the hotel where I read and watched television.

This extended weekend was a very relaxing get-away for me, and I really enjoyed it.

DINNER 336: Sunday, December 3, 2006

We left the hotel at 9:00am (their time) to travel back from Kentucky.

In the evening, we attended the fourth annual craft party at Dave & Robin’s house, attended by Dave, Robin, Cheryl, Danny, Holly, Wendy, and Drew. We made candle cozies, little beaded Christmas trees, and beady candy canes. It was fun, but if you ask me about it in front of people, I’ll lie to your face. It’s just not very macho.

Dinner was at their place, and consisted of pizza rolls, bagel bites, and holiday snacks.

DINNER 338: Tuesday, December 5, 2006

We went for dinner tonight with Robin and our friend Doug. We decided to go to the IRON HORSE INN for dinner (and to pick up some wine we bought at the last wine dinner). Doug had never eaten there, so we were excited to introduce him to one of our favorite places.

Dinner included Lobster Bisque and their “Stuffed Risotto”, and Wendy & I split a piece of their bread pudding.

After dinner, we all went to Garden Ridge to get a new Christmas tree. We wanted a fake one that was pre-lit and looked better than my old fake tree (think wire hangers with a few pieces of green plastic). We found one and got it home easily. It was remarkably simple to get it set up, too, much to the delight of our cats. The still-unnamed Little White Cat had never seen a Christmas tree (this being his first Christmas) and was delighted to play under, around, and in the tree.

We completely forgot to pick up the wine, too.

DINNER 339: Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Wendy had her cake decorating class this evening (it was Fondant night and she was very excited), so I went to Tokyo Restaurant for a sushi dinner — soup, salad, 10 pieces of nigiri sushi, and a tuna roll. I added Eel nigiri. It was a really nice meal, exactly what I wanted.

I stopped by the IRON HORSE INN and picked up the forgotten wine. Thanks Jeff!