START HERE: PUERTO RICO: Thursday, July 28, 2005

Our trip started out a day earlier than planned. Our flight was scheduled for 7 AM Thursday morning, leaving out of Indianapolis. We had planned to leave home about 3 AM to get there in time for security delays, parking, and all the associated travel things. Wendy’s voice teacher reminded us that there is an hour time change (which would have made us an hour early to the airport; a nuicance rather than a disaster). During our pre-trip grocery shopping, our pharmacist happened to mention…


…which gives you a hotel room near the airport, a shuttle to the airport, and you just leave your car at the hotel for the duration of your trip. It’s available all over the country, so instead of leaving early Thursday morning we packed up and drove to Indy on Wednesday evening so we could sleep in a bit on travel day. We met a little yellow cat at the hotel whom the desk clerk said had been hanging around for a few days. Kitty was hungry and rather boogery and covered with soot. Realizing that in the hurry to pack Wendy had forgotten a few critical items, we checked into the hotel and made a side trip to K-mart, where we bought the necessary items and two little pouches of cat food. We gave our little furry friend some dinner (and had one left over for his breakfast the next morning), had our own dinner at the hotel restaurant (Andrew had a pork tenderloin sandwich that was pressed out flat and fried up to be bigger than his face), and went to bed. 

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PUERTO RICO: Friday, July 29, 2005

We woke up pretty early on Friday morning, feeling refreshed from a decent night’s sleep. The terrible pillows notwithstanding, we were comfortable in our little tiny room at Costa del Oro. We washed up, dressed, and went downstairs to see what their definition of a “continental breakfast” might be. At the poolside bar, we ate muffins and doughnuts washed down with caffe con leche, all while watching the Three Stooges on the nearby television. Then we had a quick dip in the pool. Wendy laid out to sunbathe and read while Drew got ready to go into San Juan with Doug to pick up tuxedos.




Doug was supposed to come get Drew by 10:00, but around 11:45, Doug showed up with his van full of other groomsmen & attendants. It became clear that there was no way Drew was going to be able to wedge himself into the van, so Drew decided that he’d follow in the rental car instead.

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HAPPY MOUTH — August 2005

HAPPY MOUTH met this month at one of Cincinnati’s oldest buildings (built in 1848) and longest continiously-operating restaurants (since 1861). Holly picked this month’s selection, the veritable ARNOLD’S.

We crowded around the tables in the ‘ladies’ side of the bar (the restaurant has both a men’s and women’s entrance) and enjoyed Arnold’s ecclectic mix of from-scratch foods.

PUERTO RICO: Saturday, July 30, 2005

On Saturday morning, Drew & Wendy got up at 8:30am, had a continental breakfast of rolls & coffee at the pool bar, and headed over to the Hyatt to meet Kent & Julie Anne to drive into Old San Juan. They decided not to go, preferring instead to spend the day with Doug. We met up with Rob in the lobby and he checked with Melody (who was swimming) and they agreed to join us. We left the Hyatt around 11:30am and headed toward Old San Juan.

With the exception of the event that will forever be called “Drew’s Toll Booth Crime” (our directions said that we should stay in the LEFT lane, so we did… Directly into the ePass toll booth lane — which offered no option for throwing in the $0.70 to pay the toll, so we broke the law), the trip into Old San Juan was uneventful. Since it was Saturday, the traffic was light (well, by Puerto Rico standards, which means it was insane by USA standards).

Once we found our way to Old San Juan, we parked in a municipal parking structure. Rather than trying to remember the name of it, we snapped a picture:




We parked, got out, and got our first view of Old San Juan. Below is a poor-man’s-panorama of the view of the waterfront.




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