CULINARY: My second night at Pigall's


On Saturday (January 29, 2005) I worked at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s restaurant for my second night.Jean-Robert at Pigall’s serves French-American cuisine in a modern Parisian setting, with a little New York ambiance and plenty of Cincinnati charm. Chef and owner Jean-Robert de Cavel’s innovative prix fixe menu features a delectable array of appetizers, entrees and desserts accompanied by an extensive wine list. A five-course degustation menu is also offered and wine pairings, suggested by the sommelier, are available for all menu selections. Continue reading “CULINARY: My second night at Pigall's”

System Speed & a game recommendation — DARWINIA

I noticed over the last week or so that the site has been extremely sluggish in responding to hits.

I spent some time evening on the phone with my service provider, and we’ve gotten the site’s delivery speed up six times higher than it was (it was really slow for some reason, even though my line quality is excellent). Hopefully, any slow-downs folks have been experiencing will now disappear.

And, while you’re at it, check out this site for a new game from an independent developer. This game, called Darwinia, looks amazingly awesome. There is a newly-updated demo at their site.


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Hunter S. Thompson, 1937-2005

It is not yet clear whether Hunter S. Thompson left a suicide note. If not, his last written words may have been “So long and Mahalo” – which is Hawaiian for thank you.

The words appeared at the bottom of a column he wrote on February 15, just five days before he shot himself on Sunday.

Thompson, 67, whose death was announced yesterday, will be mourned by his family, but also by millions of readers who were hooked on his style, which came to be known as “New Journalism” or “Gonzo journalism”, where the writer became an important part of the story.

He was most famous for his 1971 masterpiece Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas but there were many other books, all replete with fast and furious prose.

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HAPPY MOUTH — February 2005

On Thursday, February 24, 2005, the HAPPY MOUTH SUPPER CLUB got together at Palomino Restaurant, selected by Doug.

A large group of us, including our guest Angel, descended on the downtown restaurant for a very nice dinner. We had a lot of great drinks and food, including Calamari Fritto with Garlic Aioli, Risotto Sausage Poppers, Blue Crab Stuffed Tiger Prawns, and more.

It was a good night out with a good group of people!

CULINARY: My third night at Pigalls, some goodbyes, and more…


On Saturday (February 19, 2005) I worked at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s restaurant for my third night. I arrived around 1:30pm and worked until almost 11:00pm. 

Before the family meal (which was La Rosa’s pizza that Scott provided), Chef held a meeting of the kitchen staff to which I was invited. It was the first time I’d been in the dining room since I started there (though I’d previously been there as a guest).

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