CULINARY: My first night at Pigall's


After working on the details for several months, on Saturday (January 8, 2005) I worked at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s restaurant, which serves French-American cuisine in a modern Parisian setting, with a little New York ambiance and plenty of Cincinnati charm. Chef and owner Jean-Robert de Cavel’s innovative prix fixe menu features a delectable array of appetizers, entrees and desserts accompanied by an extensive wine list. A five-course degustation menu is also offered and wine pairings, suggested by the sommelier, are available for all menu selections. 

I arrived at 2:00pm, introduced myself to the sous chef who spoke with me for a few minutes before taking me upstairs to the kitchen where a group of guys (Bob, Matt, Mirko, Zack, Thomas, and Dave) were working ‘prep’ — preparing items for service later in the evening. The kitchen was an English-speaking kitchen, which was mildly surprising to me since the restaurant is run by a Frenchman. I was surprised at the youthful appearance of the workers… I didn’t ask specifically, but it seemed to me that all of the workers were in their early-to-mid twenties. I was impressed by the skills these guys had and their non-pretentious focus on putting out excellent product.

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