Conversation with a Friend

[10:24] NICKI:: You weren’t in Philadelphia yesterday, were you?

[10:25] DREW:: Well, not ‘officially’.

[10:25] NICKI:: Snicker.

[10:25] DREW:: Did you see me?

[10:25] NICKI:: I was sure I heard them announce your name over the speakers at the airport.

[10:25] DREW:: Airports tend to do that, even if I’m not in the city.

[10:26] NICKI:: Thus reconfirming that you are, indeed, The Man. The Legend. The DREW.

[10:26] DREW:: Amen, sister. A-MEN.

[10:27] NICKI:: Well, I’m off to shower. Just wanted to see if you were haunting me.

[10:27] DREW:: It’s funny, really… The airports HOPE I’m there, and feel like announcing my name will ‘bring me out of the woodwork’ (their phrase). Curiously, BOTH men and women employees of the airports use this tactic.

[10:27] DREW:: I’ll need to send another memo, I guess.

[10:27] NICKI:: Hmmmmmm. Fascinating!

HAPPY MOUTH — November 2004

On November 17th, a group of us (Wendy, Ted, Jay, John, Wendy B, Holly, Ron, Tracy, and Drew) met for the monthly HAPPY MOUTH outing. This month was Ron’s first chance to select the restaurant, and he chose UPSTAR CROW near Newport on the Levee.

Ron made a very good choice… We arrived to discover that the restaurant’s Happy Hour was in full swing, and we enjoyed a nice price on martinis before heading to our table for dinner. From bruschetta through stuffed chicken, shrimp, ravioli, to the tuna and right on through desserts (we liked the apple crisp, creme brulee, and black crow cake), everything was well-prepared and tasty.

All in all, another successful Happy Mouth! See ya next month.