DINNER: Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Tonight, we dined at our favorite local sushi place, SILLA (which must not be confused with our all-time favorite sushi place).

Wendy enjoyed a house salad with Ginger dressing and Shrimp Fried Rice. Drew ate a house salad, miso soup, 6 pieces of salmon roll, and yakisoba (he was hungry!).

The food there is warm and comforting, and the people are as nice as they can be.

There must have been a time when sushi wasn't considered 'normal' American food; I know this is true because my mother still turns her nose up at sushi. I can recall my initial feelings (years ago) about eating raw fish. Now I think nothing of it at all.

Sushi has established such a place in our culinary landscape, and my own personal culinary horizon, that I cannot imagine a world without it, and, even greater, it has entered my definition of comfort food. I am so grateful for our disappearing culinary borders!

Since I've built my own Personal Video Recorder (like a TiVO), I've been recording The Galloping Gourmet, which aired in 1968 through 1971. It's interesting to hear the host, Graham Kerr, asking the audience if they've ever heard of a shallot. And none of them have. We've come a long way, baby.

COOL Honda Commercial

HOLY CRAP! This is cool.

Please remember as you watch this Honda commercial that absolutely NO computers were used to generate the movements shown. Also, no photographic tricks were used. These parts acted just as you see in the film (even the tires rolling UPhill). Of course it took 606 takes as it was shot in one fell swoop without stops. Incredible! This is, without a doubt, the most amazing commercial that I have ever seen!

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PUNTA CANA friends reuniting!

Tonight, Drew picks up Max & Marie from the airport. They’re flying in for the weekend from their home in Canada to participate in the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, to visit with the rest of the “Punta Cana Gang”, and to visit with Brent, Marie’s son who lives & goes to school in this area.

We’re very excited about their visit!


Max (l) and Marie from their dive in Punta Cana.

DINNER: Thursday, May 1, 2003

Tonight, Wendy went to dinner at Red Lobster with almost 30 of her co-workers to celebrate an achievement at her hospital.

Drew was running some last-minute errands (getting, among other things, better strawberries for Friday's dessert) and doing some prep-cooking work (hulling & slicing the aforementioned strawberries and marinating them, preparing Saturday's breakfast of Strata, and more), so he grabbed a quick-n-easy Chicekn Teriyaki sandwich from Penn Station along with some of their fresh-cut flash-fried fries.

Once you cover the fries with plenty of malt vinegar, it makes an excellent greasy meal!

DINNER: Friday, May 2, 2003

Tonight was a special meal. Not because of the food so much as because of the company.

This evening, Drew picked up our friends, Max & Marie, who flew in from Canada for the weekend. We came back to our house for a reception attended by the rest of the “Punta Cana Gang” — the four couples (Max & Marie, Rodney & Michelle, Ray & Belinda, and Drew & Wendy) who met and became “vacation buddies” during our trip to Punta Cana in October 2002.

The whole “Gang” came over to our house and we enjoyed a meal from LaRosa’s and lively, energetic conversation.