DINNER: Monday, March 31, 2003

Tonight, I tried to cook something akin to Chicken Fried Rice, but it didn't go too well because Wendy & I own the rice cooker from HELL.

Instead of making lovely discreet grains of rice, this demonic contraption turns out clumpy, pasty, and shapeless rice.

So, I dumped clumpy, pasty, and shapeless rice into cooked chunked chicken breast, some sweet peas, and doused it all with a soy-based sauce I whipped together.

The flavor was good, but the texture of the rice was SO nasty that it made it hard to enjoy the meal.

DINNER: Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Tonight, we had some more work to do around the house. Seems that pulling down the masking tape in our guest room also pulled off a fair amount of the new paint, so there was loads of touching up to do.

We ate frozen meals from Lean Cuisine. Wendy had Three Bean Chili with Rice (and some cheese added), and I had Chicken Fettucini. Both were certainly LEAN, but we each failed to see the CUISINE in the little black pastic trays.

Ah well.

DINNER: Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Tonight, we were supposed to meet Wendy's mother at Mt. Adams Bar & Grill at 5:45 for dinner before heading over to the Playhouse in the Park to see PACIFIC OVERTURES.

We arrived in Mt. Adams a bit early, found a great parking place, and walked around for about 20 minutes before heading toward the Bar & Grill, still a few minutes early. While we were waiting for Ginny to arrive, we enjoyed their Greek Plate — hummus and tabouleh served with pita, olives, and tomato.

Before long, we noticed that Ginny, normally quite punctual, wasn't there. Wendy made a couple of calls and couldn't find Ginny. We delayed ordering our dinner for a bit, and then, around 6:15 decided that we would go ahead and eat and go see CORAL REEF ADVENTURE at the Cincinnati Museum Center instead of seeing PACIFIC OVERTURES.

Wendy had their Tuna Salad Sandwich, and I had a nice piece of grilled Tuna. We shared some of their very-good fries.

As it turns out, the performance of PACIFIC OVERTURES was cancelled due to a family emergency in the cast. Ginny had sent Wendy an email, which must have gotten lost in the bitstream. Still, Wendy and I enjoyed CORAL REEF very much, and had a nice evening, even though plans changed.

First JAMES BEARD dinner in Cincinnati, April 3, 2003

On April 3, 2003, Wendy & I attended the first-ever James Beard Dinner in Cincinnati, Ohio to benefit the James Beard Foundation.

James Beard is recognized as the father of American gastronomy. Throughout his life, he pursued and advocated the highest culinary standards, and served as a mentor to emerging talents in the culinary arts.

The meal was at The Palace Restaurant in the Cincinnatian Hotel in downtown Cincinnati. The Palace's husband and wife team of Executive Chef Guy Hulin and Pastry Chef Noreen Nagao hosted noteworthy chefs from around the country for this event.

Click the picture for a larger view in a new window.

The guest chefs for this evening:

The eight course menu featured dishes from each of the chefs, and each course built upon the previous for a truly multi-cultural dining experience.

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DINNER: Saturday April 5, 2003

Tonight, we worked around the house (we're getting a couple rooms together for some out-of-town guests coming to visit us soon) before heading out to see a theatrical production directed by one of Wendy's very best clients.

On the way to the show, we stopped for dinner at THE SPINNING FORK for Italian food. Wendy had Manicotti, and I had Ravioli. It was hearty and good, even if the waitress would NEVER completely refill my drink. She'd take both of our empty glasses for a refill, and come back with Wendy's full, and mine 3/4 full. Strange.

DINNER: Sunday, April 6, 2003

Another day of work around the house… Spring cleaning this time, and some outside work as we try to build up the earth around the foundation of our house. It was cold, clammy work, but we think we got it pretty well solved. Once it rains again, we'll have a better idea.

I went and filled both cars at the local BP station, and on the way home from filling mine, I stopped for some Shrimp Rolls, Hot & Sour Soup, and Shrimp Fried Rice from our favorite Vietnamese place.