DINNER: Friday, January 31, 2003

We ate a couple burgers and some fries from McDonald's on our way to Columbus to see the incomperable Vance Gilbert at the Columbus Music Hall.

For those not familiar with Vance (Friday was Wendy's first time seeing him), he is a folk singer/songwriter and a storyteller. His music defys easy catagorization, but his guitar playing is very good, and his singing voice is exceptional.

DINNER: Saturday, February 1, 2003

Tonight's dinner was party food as we attended the surprise birthday party of a friend of ours (happy birthday, Kristy!). Each person was asked to bring some food to share, so we brought puff pastry rounds with walnuts and camembert cheese.

While we were at the party, Chuck (our host) asked if we would mind making tabouleh, a traditional Lebanese salad, so we spent a little bit of time mixing tons of bulgar wheat, parsley, onion, and other ingredients. It was good to eat right after it was made, but tabouleh is SO much better the next day! We know, because Chuck made sure to send some of it home with us!

DINNER: Sunday, February 2, 2003

After our final scuba class, we were too tired to cook anything. We dined on some food brought to us by our neighbors to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We're not sure what the items are called, but one was a fried dough pocket with a savory flavor. The other was a rice, fish, and meat mixture wrapped in large leaves and tied with string. We were instructed to boil the leave-wrapped items then remove the string & leaves, to enjoy with soy sauce. The fried items were ready to eat.

Both were delicious! Does anyone know the names of either of these items?

DINNER: Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Tonight we dined on a one-skillet dish of chunked chicken and rice in a garlic sauce that Wendy put together. She also prepared a spinach salad with it.

This "eating at home" stuff is pretty well working out, though Wendy & I are yet to sit down and plan the next week's menu, as we said we were going to do. Ah well. We've got a large enough surplus of ingredients in our pantry that we probably don't need to buy anything for at least a couple more weeks.

As you may know, we finally bought a new refrigerator (a stainless Kenmore Elite side-by-side) from The Great Indoors. I noticed that there were several dents in the front of the fridge (that corresponded, height-wise, to the damage done to our molding in the entry hall). Expecting the worst, I called Sears support and they came out and replaced the door for us without any problems! The new door looks great! To say that I was impressed is somewhat of an understatement.