HAPPY MOUTH — August 2002

On Wednesday, August 14, 2002, the Happy Mouth Supper Club met at GRAND FINALE in Glendale.

It was a great time for the eight of us that made it to the meeting… Holly, Ed, Andrew, Wendy, Ted, Tracy, Jay, and John.

We enjoyed scrumptious appetizers like Ahi Tuna, exceptional entrees like Lobster Linguine, Crabmeat Crepes, and other great dishes.

However, when you’re going to Grand Finale, it’s important to save room for their desserts! They’re simply amazing. Generously portioned, the desserts excell on every front. We enjoyed the Apple Crisp, a mountainous Chocolate Cordial Pie that was awesome, a fresh berry mousse, and much more.

It was an enjoyable, waistline-expanding night out!

John Cox, Co-Founder and Former Project Manager of PostNuke: Moving Forward…

John Cox, the co-founder and former project manager of the PostNuke Content Management System this morning posted the following document on the homepage of his website, dinerminor.com


Fundamental differences are what drives change. When there are two sides to a disagreement in an OS project you basically have a few choices that need to be made. You can continue on, and agree to disagree. You can continue on and still fight each other every step of the way. Finally, you can go your separate ways.

What I decided was best in the name of progress was to choose the third choice and that was go a separate way. I can not speak for everyone that left PostNuke as to whether they agree with the decision or not, but I can tell you that the developers that left the project are unified in making 1.0 from the 'old' Dot 8 tree a reality. This includes the work on Block Layout, new translation system, and the security and performance enhancements which have been in work for about 6 months now.

Each of the 35 or so developers which left the PostNuke development have joined forces yet again to continue what we started. We feel that this is the correct path for fully realizing the potential of what we started during the original Dot 8 development cycle, and thus have decided to officially announce our intention of building not only a better mouse trap (which will be API compliant) but a better GPL'ed Content Management System for the world to use.

To read the rest of the article CLICK HERE.

To hear Wolf's take all this and his PostNuke spin on those Apple.com/switch ads currently on TV…


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