PREVIEW of Official PostNuke Installation and Getting Started Guide AVAILABLE!

EDIT: I am no longer associated with PostNuke. This file has been removed from my sites.

A PREVIEW version (currently PDF format ONLY) of the Official PostNuke Installation and Getting Started Guide is available on my website. The FINAL version will be released on my website, and also included in future distributions of PostNuke. The most current and up-to-date version will always be found on my website.

This version of the Official PostNuke Installation and Getting Started Guide is the most current, up-to-date edition, and is presented for your review and comment. Please be aware that this Guide is currently INCOMPLETE. Areas that are being worked on now are marked with “OTTO” in the left margin. I am very interested in review of and comment on the Guide as it stands at this point. If you notice anything that is spelled incorrectly, is incomplete, could be explained better, or is just plain WRONG, please let me know at

You may not distribute, modify, or translate the document without the prior consent of Drew Vogel ( The only approved use is review, comment, and personal use.

Once the Guide is completed (which should be quite soon) and through the peer review process, it will be released with fewer restrictions, and in additional formats (text, PDF, HTML, etc). It will also be ‘prettied up’ instead of being displayed in this ugly monospace font. Currently, I am interested only in the evaluation of the CONTENT, not the PRESENTATION.

Once the Guide is finished, translation will be permitted and encouraged. If you are interested in translating this Guide, please contact Drew Vogel (

The document is available to all visitors (registration is not required) from the Downloads section of my website, Please form a single-file line. No pushing.

New Book Available!

The husband of a friend of ours just published his first book. His name is Keith Vanden Enden. Here is his announcement about this achievement, and how to order his book.

After years of work, my first novel, Let Us Divided Live, is finally available. Part psychological drama and part Arthurian love story, Let Us Divided Live is told through internal dialogs and by three different narrators. The story investigates the magic that allows such disparate minds to communicate and love each other.

You can purchase it directly from the publisher at:

It will be available through, Barnes and, and and as a special order from bookstores in the next 60 days.

Thanks to all who have helped to make this possible.


More Mr. Face…

Mr. Face rapidly progresses. He is master of the upstairs, free from all restraints and closed doors. Blind, as always (anybody got a spare cat retina?), he knows where his food and litterbox are, where the scratching post is, and most importantly, where the bed is. He is quite the cuddlebug, and spends all night (and likely most of the day) comfortably ensconced on our bed. The mystery of the stairs continues to elude him… won’t even attempt them, and seems to wonder why we have a bottomless pit at the edge of the hallway. He must have lived in a ranch house in his former life.

The remaining cats are of varied opinion on his continued presence… Ringo is his buddy and they have congenial sniffs daily. Oliver is deathly afraid of him and creeps around on his rare ventures upstairs, running at the sight of him. Merrick pretends he doesn’t exist and refuses to come upstairs at all, preferring to poop in the dining room as an expression of his distain for all things Face.

Dolly is learning about electricity… because Face can’t eat at the high table with the rest of the fat boys, his food stays on the ground… an irrisistable temptation for dogs. So Dolly wears an invisible fence collar which responds to an indoor transmitter which creates a “no-fly zone” around Face’s dish… so far she has run from the beeping, but it’s only a matter of time before the zap gets her. How many zaps until she learns to not eat cat food? We’ll keep you posted.

In short, Face is a normal cat. He seems to have a happy little life… dull, perhaps, but safe and warm and loved. It’s been a long road to get here, but we are richer for his presence.

See pictures of Mr. Face here. To read the rest of the articles about Mr. Face, please click here.

As we dine…

Wendy and I continue to enjoy the many different types of restaurants around us, north of the city. We were talking last night and realized that a few of our favorites are no more than 5 miles away from where we live.

Those favorites are pretty varied… From the Spaghetti with Mizithra and Browned Butter at Old Spaghetti Factory to the overwhelming variety of food at the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant, or the restaurant that has quickly become one of our very favorites, Song Phung Vietnamese Restaurant.

Wendy and I dined there last night and finally gave in to the owner’s gentle insistence that we try Lao De — Goat Soup. We had some misgivings about eating Goat, but because we’ve never had anything that wasn’t excellent at the restaurant, and we trust the owner, we decided to give it a try.

We’re quite glad we did! A giant bowl, looking a bit like an angel food cake pan with Sterno at the bottom was brought out, along with a plate full of cooked noodles, and a giant plate filled to overflowing with fresh green vegetables. We were instructed to put the vegetables into the boiling (!) soup and let them cook for a few minutes.

The resulting broth was thick and very strongly flavored. The goat meat was tender and rich, and the entire experience was exceedingly pleasant. I would eat it again, but we’d probably take more than just the two of us — it’s a BIG bowl!

SMACK IT — Third Season!

SMACK IT CINCINNATI will again be assaulting your airwaves during the summer of 2002.

Starting in June, listeners can tune into WAIF 88.3 FM on Wednesday mornings from 9-11 am to hear the wild antics of SMACK IT CINCINNATI.

Also, you’ll be able to listen to the show over the internet by visiting the WAIF website at

HAPPY MOUTH — May 2002

The Happy Mouth Supper Club met on Wednesday, May 8, 2002 at Song Phung Vietnamese Restaurant in Forest Park.

Present were: Wendy, Andrew, Ted, Tracy, Holly, Ed, Jay, John, and Kristy. The staff at the restaurant took very good care of us, feeding us almost to the bursting point and serenading us with Vietnamese karaoke (almost as surreal as you imagine!).

We had Vietnamese seafood crepes, goi cuon, and a seafood soup for nine that was out of this world. We finished up with sesame balls stuffed with mung bean paste, a Vietnamese sweet.

It was quite a good time, and our cheapest Happy Mouth yet!

Updates & Additions on DrewVogel.COM

Today, I updated one & added several features to the site. The upgrades are all part of the "i-Releases" series, and are available from The "Who Is Online" block, to the left, was updated from version 2.2 to version 2.5.

I added several other features, a couple of which are rolled out now, and a few others will be introduced at a later time.

Added were the following:

  • Private Message 1.2 — This is a replacement for the private message system for PostNuke 0.71. BBCode enabled, Smilies enabled and some other nice enhancements.
  • Download Admin 1.0 — Modification of download admin, which changes the date of a download upon modification !
  • Featured Article 1.0 — Displays a featured article with the article title, author and the topic image of the article.
  • Featured Download 1.0 — Displays a featured download. Displays the download title, date , author and version of the download.
  • Featured Review 1.0 — Displays a review from the review system in a sideblock.

As always, please let me know if you experience anything unusual with the system!