What the HECK was Drew thinking?!

Expecting it to be No Big Thing, Drew decided to a> triple the storage, b> double the memory, and c> completely re-format the webserver using Red Hat 7.2 instead of Linux-Mandrake during the weekend of April 6, 2002 (while Wendy was away on a riding trip). I expected to be back up and running in no time.

Well, most of it happened! The hardware and memory installation went fine, and after a few false starts, so did the installation of Red Hat 7.2. However, I ran into a glitch when attempting to restore my webserver from the backup ZIP disk, so I had to rely on my backup CD that was made April 3. It took a LONG time to get that piece of software off the CD, but thanks to troff on IRC, it got done.

The reinstallation of that critical piece went well, and now we’re back up and running.

In addition to switching the server over (which is most likely transparent to users), I upgraded the Forums to version 2.00.


Another CMS upgrade

This morning, I upgraded PostNuke, our Content Management System (CMS), to the latest version (0.713).

I’d been running a pre-release version of this release for some time so there were very few changes from that version to the release version.

Please let me know if you spot any problems with this new installation!

Our look is changing…

You’re probably noticing that our look has changed a bit… This is in an effort to find a currently-supported theme, customize it to this site, and then continue to use it.

It looks kinda bad right now, I know… I’ll be working on the colors and layout this evening. I want the colors to blend better than they are, and I want to move the TOPIC icons for stories to the RIGHT instead of the LEFT side of the story.

Keep your eyes peeled… I hope this works!

HAPPY MOUTH — April 2002

On Wednesday, April 10, 2002, the HAPPY MOUTH SUPPER CLUB met again for dinner and socializing.

In attendance were Ted, Tracy, John, Ed, Holly, Wendy, and Andrew. The choice of destination was Ed’s tonight, and he selected a landmark Italian restaurant in downtown Cincinnati… Scotti’s.

Scotti’s is a great little restaurant, seating maybe 40-50 people. The walls are covered with thousands of little pieces of broken ceramic tiles, and the ceiling is lined with hundreds of wicker wine bottle covers. It’s a very interesting place… Sometimes, at lunch, there will be an arguement in the kitchen and it will spill out into the restaurant. It’s not uncommon to hear Marco yelling at the top of his lungs to the back of the house!

Dinner was very good… I dined on osso buco which was excellent, and Wendy and I shared a half-order of “hot motz” — motzerella covered with a broad sheet of pasta, baked, and covered in Scotti’s spicy diavlo sauce.