System Software Upgrade at DrewVogel.COM

This is big.

I just upgraded my system software (the excellent PostNuke) from .64 to .703. It was a fairly easy upgrade since the new version has been running in parallel with the old system for a few weeks to allow me to get the bugs out.

It is now more important that users LOG IN to the system as several features (Andromeda, Forums, Member List, and more) have been made accessible to MEMBERS ONLY. If you need to register for membership, click here.

ONE CRITICAL THING: If you’re a registered user and things are behaving strangely when you’re online, you might need to delete your cookies, close & reopen your browser, and then try this site again.

As usual, if there are any questions or problems that come up, please let me know!


Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be interviewed on KINDRED SANCTIONS, a Cincinnati-based radio program that airs on WAIF 88.3 FM, on Thursday, February 7, 2002. The subject of the interview will be WHAT IT TAKES TO PLEASE YOU, a tribute to Over The Rhine. The show runs from 8-10pm EST, and I’m the first segment.

The good news is this: The program will be available over the web! Go to and follow the links for the WEBCAST.

Please tune in!

Andromeda 1.91 — Updated on site.

Today, I updated to the newest version (1.91) of Andromeda, our MP3 Jukebox program for registered users.

This new version features the following additions:

  • Play everything in a folder including its subfolders (recursive folder playback)
  • Add folders to the playlist Playlist buttons replaced by icons for narrow-window support Chinese (Simplified & Traditional),
  • Arabic, and Slavic support added

Check it out!

MAJOR system backup performed — a little downtime.

Tonight, I performed a comprehensive system backup of this machine. Essentially a ‘snapshot’ of everything on this machine, I’m in the position of being able to completely restore the machine to today’s state in the case of a catastrophic loss.

It’s rather a long process, but thankfully, an automated one, thanks to Mindi/Mondo 0.58/1.40, an exceptionally smart backup/restore suite for Linux.

Right now, the large ISO files are being transfered across my home network to my Windows XP machine (which has the CD burner). These ISO images will be burned to three CDs and verified against the system. Once that’s done, I’ll be confident that the backup was successful. The server will be unavailable for about 90-120 minutes this evening while the backup and testing are completed.

Once that’s verified, I’ll be able to take this machine from "bare metal" to this configuration in just the time it takes to restore the backup. Nice.

From here on out, I’ll be able to do MUCH shorter "differential" backups — backing up only those files that were changed/added since the last complete backup.

Mr. Face Update — 15-Feb-2002

Last night, Wendy was planning to leave Mr. Face at the her veterinary hospital instead of bringing him home (she typically takes him in with her in the morning (he’s fed, watered, held, & cared for all day) and brings him home in the evening). But, because she was planning to do a feeding tube (e-tube) surgery on him on Friday (today), she was planning to feed him and leave him there.

So she went in with his gruel (a smelly mixture of water and food called “A/D” which is for sickies). Instead of having to squirt this noxious concoction into Mr. Face’s mouth a messy syringe-ful at a time, Mr. Face got ALL EXCITED when the food was brought within range of his little nose, and stuck his whole face into the food dish to gobble it as quickly as possible. This is new behaviour, and was exhibited again when Wendy brought him home and it was feeding time.

We’re thinking that he’s starting to get his sense of smell back a bit (which is good), and is starting to be aware of the right side of his face, which has been nerve-dead to this point.

Wendy also did a visual examination of Mr. Face’s soft palate and said that it is healing very well (it had been split in the accident). It appears that Mr. Face’s lower jaw wire might need to be adjusted — sometimes his tongue gets hung up underneath it.

A good day for Mr. Face!

See pictures of Mr. Face here. To read the rest of the articles about Mr. Face, please click here.

Linux is weird…

Okay, this Linux stuff is kinda flakey.

I’m trying to get XWindows (running Ximian GNOME) working when I log in as ROOT, but it doesn’t. It works fine if I log in as another user on the machine, but not as root.

Also, my ZIP drive has never worked since I installed Linux-Mandrake 8.1 PowerPack, running DevFS.

Anyone got any ideas?