Another system upgrade, this one easier…

Another system upgrade caused me to reboot the system today, after 12+ days of uptime.

I upgraded the Apache server, the kernel (the core of the operating system), the mail handler and assorted tools, the mail reader, some modules for the new Apache, and a few security fixes to some other files.

THIS time, I remembered to adjust my LILO links before I rebooted, so it was a very painless process.

In addition to the upgrades indicated above, I also switch some hard drive settings that nearly doubled the speed of the hard drives. Users should notice a speed increase when using the system, since drive time has, effectively, been taken out of the equasion.

As always, if you notice anything unusual while you’re using the system, please let me know.

UPDATE 05-Dec-2001: Updated to 1.2.4 of the Photo Gallery software we use.

OTR Concert at Taft Theatre, December 8, 2001

I like the Green Yellow Swallowtail song more and more. At the
SouthGate House show (in September) it seemed very eerie because they
had cut their backroads tour short within a week or two because Karin’s
mother had a stroke. The line something like “mother’s not dead she is
only sleeping” hit hard. Now the line seems softened but still has more
power now than its first performances. Karin said it started as a song
about Linford’s mother and became a song about Karin’s mother.

I also liked the “will it make a difference when I go” very much.
The old songs with a rock edge and the newer songs with a blues edge are
a fine complement to their overall mix of song choices. For a couple
songs all the warmup musicians plus Kim Taylor joined together. The
extra songs by Jack Henderson were a special treat.

I love Buddy and Julie Miller. The last time I saw them at
SouthGate House Buddy was wearing an over-the-rhine patience t-shirt
with a windup alarm clock at 9:30. It was a special treat to see them
with Over The Rhine instead of by themselves.

I missed the opener. Friday night Christmas shows make it
difficult to first adjust to getting off work and then getting to the
theater and finding parking. I was there at 8:00 and the first act was
already over. I saw all of Buddy & Julie Miller. The sound system did
not seem to be adjusted well for them and seemed too loud to me. The
sound system seemed adjusted for over-the-rhine as far as I could tell.
Someone else told me that they detected a buzz in the sound system.
Over-the-Rhine went on at 9pm and played to about 10:50 including
encores. The security people were quick to push people out of the
auditorium–maybe that is why noone posted a set list. During the show
one security person on each side of the stage was seated on chairs
facing the audience.

The show seemed too short to me but I never measured how long their
normal show lasts. An hour and 50 minutes sounds like a normal length
for a concert. There was some talking with the audience but it somehow
seemed less than usual except for the part about asking who travelled
the furthest. California or Oregon seemed to be the winner, then a man
yelled “Hawaii”. Karin did not seem to believe him. He yelled out
that he had his drivers licence (I guess to prove that he really was
from Hawaii).

Some people told me that after the show they were going to meet at
Kaldi’s. I went with the Uno’s crowd. There were 38 people in a
private room as far in the back as you can get in Uno’s. At one point
everyone stood up and said their name and where they came from, even
people who were not on the list but came as guests of people on the
list. A very large amount of respect when Don Smith said his name. I
believe he was one of three people who started this email list. Three
people even showed their tatoos: one on the right back shoulder, a
Christian fish on the top of a right foot, and a large new tattoo on the
left shoulder of David Armstrong.

The post concert brunch at Drew Vogel’s today was well attended.
Good food and coffee. Drew even arranged to have three acts of live acoustic music in his basement:

1) Ryan Adcock
2) Rick Callender (Bink who wears a kilt to each OtR Christmas concert)
3) Ashley Peacock

–Rick C

What a weekend!

What a great weekend we had here in Cincinnati!

This was the weekend of the annual Over The Rhine Christmas show at the Taft Theatre, and there were many festivities that went along with the show.

There are Reviews of the show in Reviews and pictures in the Photo Gallery. Check them out!

Every December, the music fans in Cincinnati get a very special treat. Cincinnati-based Over The Rhine present their Christmas concert at the Taft Theatre.

This year’s show featured two guest acts. Erin McKeown and Buddy & Julie Miller were openers. Over The Rhine played for about 115 minutes, including encores.

After the show, a group of Over The Rhine fans (many of whom flew in from around the country to attend this show) went to Pizzaria Uno’s for a late-night dinner and much merriment.

On Saturday morning, I hosted an informal Brunch at our new house, complete with excellent food and live music.

The whole weekend was a great time.

Some behind-the-scenes changes…

In anticipation of upgrading to the newest release (0.701) of PostNuke, our Content Management System, I have made some behind-the-scenes changes to the way that the Main Menu works.

Users should notice no functional differences, and will see that there is a new option, Who Is Online, for you to play with. This feature displays the username of registered users who are currently on the system, or IP addresses if they’re not registered.

OTR Taft Show & Lostee Gathering

I didn’t know whether to do this or not…but what the heck…my thoughts on this past weekend (now that I have a moment to catch my breath).

I must say first of all that, despite how excited I was to do the weekend, I was more than a wee bit
nervous about meeting everybody. You see, sometimes I’m a bit awkward and a little bit bashful and
withdrawn in crowds of people, especially if I don’t know everyone that well. That’s why I went ahead
and stayed at a hotel. Sort of a retreat, if needed.
Continue reading “OTR Taft Show & Lostee Gathering”

No Upgrade (Yet)!

I’ve decided to wait to upgrade this system to the latest release of Post-Nuke. The most recent release has not been very smooth, so we will not upgrade this site until some of the rough spots are smoothed out.

It is my expectation that installation of the new release will be transparent to users — that is, you won’t notice that anything has changed as you’re using the system.

One thing that will change is that the new system has a more robust user permissions system. Therefore, it will be to your benefit to sign up for a FREE account here at DrewVogel.COM in order to use the new features.

During the upgrade, I am also considering upgrading our forums at the same time to be more integrated with the system. As it stands now, you have to sign in twice to use the forums — once on DrewVogel.COM and again within the forums. I think that’s inefficient.

If I’m able to find a forum that is integrated within Post-Nuke, I will install and use that since the current implementation has fallen somewhat stagnent.

As usual, if you notice anything strange, please let me know!