PHEW! A system upgrade — close call!

I thought I would upgrade the system software today using the tools that were provided by my software manufacturer.

Using their tools, I logged into the update site, downloaded about 20 megs of updates (after several false starts because the update system was busy), and applied them. The updates applied with no problems. Because I had updated the kernel (the very core of the operating system), I rebooted.

And the system pukes. And hangs. And will not boot very far past POST. Slightly frantic on my end, I try to get it to boot and begin considering a sweeping (and destructive) re-install of the entire system software.

Long story short… Once I calmed down and researched the problem for a bit, I managed to get the system running just fine with the new software (it was a pointer problem with the kernel install and LILO that was causing it to hang, and was fixed by a couple of symbolic links) in case you’re keeping score at home), and we’re back in business.

Total system downtime: 23 minutes. Three reboots. And a total of 4.5 days taken off my life due to stress.

All for users of DrewVogel.COM.

Work continues…

Another look at what’s going on in Drew’s life… Some new projects and more!

Boy oh boy… Was I ever wrong when I predicted that the final coat of paint in the kitchen would be done Thursday or Friday!

I painted two coats in the kitchen one day last week and hoped it would look good. It did not. In fact, it looked downright awful — like someone had sprayed blood unevenly all over the kitchen walls.

Continued painting, wondering if I was wasting my time, and it slowly (SLOWLY) started to improve. Now we’re on coat #5 and I can see the color starting to even out.

Wendy called the very helpful folks at Glidden.COM and they told us that the particular color we chose (DRUM BEAT) is the hardest paint to get to cover that they have, because of the high amount of colorant in the mix. They said that it might take as many as 10 (!) coats to get it looking good… We’ll do as many as it takes, but my heavens!

In other news, I am working on the documentation team for Post-Nuke, the software that is running my website. More information as it becomes available.

Over the Rhine Tickets on Sale 11-10-01!

Tickets to the annual Over The Rhine Christmas show go on sale Saturday, November 10, 2001 at 10:00am on TicketMaster.

The annual Christmas show takes place at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati, and represents a ‘homecoming’ of sorts for this Cincinnati-based band and their fans. This year’s show will be Friday, December 7 2001.

If you make it to the show, make sure you stop by and say Hello. We’ll be in the Orchestra Pit!


Linford and Karin holding the Tribute CD during their visit to our radio program.

An update on WHAT IT TAKES TO PLEASE YOU, the tribute to Over The Rhine is in order. It’s been some time since we slid past our projected release date of August 31, 2001.

Our current goal is to have the release READY for distribution by or very shortly after the December 8, 2001 Over The Rhine Taft Christmas show. We should know more about the odds of that happening in just a few days, and I will update you with any new information here.

Thanks for your patience and kind words of support and encouragement. This has been a long road, and we’re not quite there yet!

UPDATE: 11-24-2001: Today, Bruce picked up the songs to take for mastering. Hopefully, they’ll be mastered this weekend and we’ll be able to send them off to the duplicators early next week.