Sweet heavens.

Blame me, don’t blame Drew.

As of late the plan was to manually reproduce the CDs ourselves. Heck, even Mike Georgian did that on his last release. There are drawbacks to that though (many car, DVD etc. players refuse to read them, and the time it takes to produce and quality check each is crazy). After the grand response for preorders (seriously! thanks!) I decided to properly get them pressed. These will be playable on any player, be a regular CD.

Fair enough. So we head off to get them out to the manufacturer, I take a final evening listen through, and WHAM, two weird and extraordinarily loud digital clips near the end of a tune that were there on the master.

So we’re about 18 days out now. 18. sweet heavens.


Sweet heavens.

all our best laid plans and all our typical cd duplicating fears,



Thanks to all of you that have supported my theatrical endeavors in the past. I wanted to let you know about the next show I am working on.

It is a musical called WORKING, and it runs at Westwood Towne Hall September 14-15, 21-22, and 28-29 2001. All shows begin at 8:00pm.

Based on the best-selling book of interviews with American workers by Studs Terkel, WORKING explores the American workday from the Monday morning blues to the second shift blahs using the original words of some "uncommon common" men and women. Workers, including a parking lot attendant, corporate executive, schoolteacher, gas man, housewife, fireman, waitress, mill worker, etc., sing and talk about their jobs, defining not only their daily round, but their hopes and aspirations as well.

The show is two acts, and will be about 90 minutes long with one intermission. There is some mature content (mostly language (including the "F" word a time or two), and some adult themes). My rating would be "PG-13".

For ticket information and directions to the theatre, visit http://www.falcontheater.net

Thanks for your support.

System Downtime — UNSCHEDULED!

As some of you might have noticed, DrewVogel.COM was unavailable for several hours (from 3:30pm-11:30pm) on Monday, September 10, 2001.

This was due to a power outage at the server location. Sorry for the downtime, folks. The bright side of all this, if there is a bright side, is that the downtime forced me to verify that the bootup network configuration was working, which it was not. It is now.

Sorry for the downtime, and you may now resume your regular activity.