Cincinnati folks will want to tune into SMACK IT CINCINNATI (Bruce & Drew’s radio show) on WAIF 88.3FM next Wednesday, August 8th from 9:00-11:00am.Why?Outside of the normal zaniness that is the trademark of SMACK IT CINCINNATI, Karin & Linford from Over The Rhine will be on!Why are they coming on the show?To support our RELEASE of "WHAT IT TAKES TO PLEASE YOU", the Over The Rhine Tribute CD!

You read that right — it’ll be out on August 31, 2001! Orders will be shipped within one week of this date. Pre-orders will begin Friday, 10-August-2001 for this 22-song collection.

Stay tuned.

NEW addition to the site — FORUMS!

Today, I have added a new feature to the system: Forums. On the left side, you see the link to the Forums. Try it out, and let me know what topics you’d like to see covered in forums! Unfortunately, for the time being, users will need to register seperately for the forums and this main site. Sorry for the inconvenience. I would suggest that users use the same username and password for the forums that was used for registering for the main site.

New PHP-Nuke version — 5.20

PHP-Nuke 5.20 has been installed on this system.

It has several new features, including advanced Block support, the ability to include images within articles, 100% true multilanguage support, possibility to toggle comments on selected articles, and much more…

This is the last release of PHP-Nuke before some major changes will occur in the code. We will follow these changes and evaluate them for inclusion into this site. Stay tuned!

The Stone — Cool Internet Game

If you’re tired of waiting around for the next episode of Majestic, can’t get the hang of the Plexata, or are sad that the A.I. game is over, then The Stone might be a great game for you.For just the cost of a Stone (anywhere from $4-20, depending on where you find it), you can log into this Internet-based puzzle game and play til you drop. The cost of the Stone is the ONLY cost — ever.There is a nice community around the game as well, and many fan sites with additional puzzles in the style of The Stone.Not convinced? Check out the free games on The Unknown and decide for yourself!

Updates to DrewVogel.COM

Just a brief update… I’ve upgraded the system’s memory to 256 megabytes. This should improve caching and system response time.

Remember, though, that this system is using a DNS proxy (TZO.com) for domain name recognition. Sometimes, TZO’s servers can be a tad slow, which is the reason for the occasional slowdown in hitting this system the first time in a session. Once you’ve contacted the system, subsequent hits should be faster.