HAPPY MOUTH – January 2010

The first meeting of The Happy Mouth Supper Club for 2010 was a success! It was Angel’s month to select, and her original selection was Arthur’s in Hyde Park Square. However, Arthur’s does not accept reservations. Angel’s plan to arrive early and get seats was foiled, though, when it was revealed that it would be at least a 90 minute wait for a party of our size.

Instead, we ended up at The Echo (right next door to Arthur’s) for diner-style food and much fun. It was a large, animated group – widely agreed to be one of the most enjoyable Happy Mouth meetings of the last several months.

After tucking into comfortable, well-prepared food like my turkey breast over stuffing with cranberry sauce (“cut from a real turkey!,” observed Carrie) or Wendy’s build-your-own omelet, we walked down to Graeters to put a sweet ending on the evening.

Tracy observed that her next selection will be her ninth for Happy Mouth! Wow! It’s been a fun lot of years!

HAPPY MOUTH – December 2009

Ed’s month to pick, so December 2009 was spent at Walt’s Barbecue. I really enjoy BBQ, and Walt’s does a great job. It is a very family-friendly place with plenty of affordable options for kids and adults alike.

HAPPY MOUTH – November 2009

In November, 2009, the Happy Mouth Supper Club met at Bootsy’s for dinner. It was Ron’s month to select. It was great to be with everyone, but honestly, Bootsy’s fell flat in the service area.

Food, from the newly-changed menu, was good (not great). Portion sizes were appropriate, plates were hot & clean.

The server did not do a good job of managing our large table, and we had made reservations in advance (so they knew we were coming). There was much confusion when the bills arrived (we communicated in advance that we preferred separate checks) – several people at the table had to send their check back multiple times before it was correct. It took more than 45 minutes from the time the checks first dropped until they were correct.

The company was fun, but the meal and restaurant were not.

HAPPY MOUTH — November, 2008

On Friday, November 14, 2008, it was Ron’s turn to pick the destination for our monthly Happy Mouth Supper Club outing. Ron selected Otto’s Restaurant in Covington, Kentucky as our destination. A large group of us (including guest Johnny) enjoyed great wine, great food, and decent service (unbeknownst to me, Johnny’s spouse was our server).

Additionally, long-time guests Julie & Terry were voted in as full-fledged Happy Mouth members, sans monthly selection. Welcome Julie & Terry! We’re glad you’re with us, though your waistlines will lament!

HAPPY MOUTH — October, 2008

At the end of October, it was my month again to pick for the monthly outing of the Happy Mouth Supper Club. I selected the Iron Horse Inn, which has newly reopened in Glendale after being closed for a while. Chef Stefan Marcus is at the stove, and does a very nice job!

Almost the entire Happy Mouth group was there (with a few guests: Beth, Julie, and Terry) and we were seated downstairs in the restaurant’s formal dining room. Our server took exceptional care of us all night.

We started with a mussels appetizer compliments of the Chef, then went into other appetizers — the excellent Red Pepper Bisque and the night’s special soup of Creamed Spinach and Cognac. Both were awesome, as were the Lobster Strudles we enjoyed. Afterward, Chef sent out a small green salad with duck confit. The salad was lightly dressed, and the duck confit was very tasty.

After that, it was into entrees. Everyone fell quiet, which is a sure sign that people are enjoying their meals quite a bit! Desserts were great, too!