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Jean-Robert at Pigall’s, September 13, 2008

I found this in the archive and realized it had never been published… So, here it is — the menu from a wonderful meal at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s on September 13, 2008 — nearly 5 years later!


Local tomatoes, chevre, balsamic reduction

Tuna tartar with quail egg

Seared Foie Gras with Ravioli with duck three ways (foie gras, confit, roasted)

Arctic Char

Scallop stuffed with mushrooms, eggplant drape, lobster cream

Lamb, Parsley Mashed potatoes, Basil flan

Cheese course

Dessert sampler including Chocolate Macademia

The List of Good Band Names

There are lots of names that would be great for bands… Let’s make a list of them here. Submit a Comment with any you’d like to see added! Continuously updated. Thanks Jay and others for helping with this list!

Unknown PayPal Donation Snafu (thanks, Beth!)

The Looming Apocalypse of Climate Change


Cosmic Nomads (thanks, Eoin Colfer!)

Handsome Badass (thanks, Linford!)

Fat Presidents

Peasants with Pitchforks

Nose Hair Mustache

Bits of Moliere (credit to Ted and a bottle of Newcastle)

Pedantic Venacular

Double Entendre Snack Food (AKA Salty Nut Log and the Double Creme Betweens)

Pernicious Nonsense

Soulless Hellhole

Boggart Dementor

Chocolate from Heathens

Gabriel and the Almighty Slap

Extruded Plastic Dingus

Tender Nipple Buds

Dolphins of the Barnyard

Man Up, Nancy!

Emotional Clods

Locking Loins (and, the spin off “Banging Ass”)

Infested with Art Students

The PCs (Pretentious Cocks)

Obviously Derivative (a cover band, naturally)

Pre-Fab Chaos

God’s Comic

Little Burn-Faced Midget Boy and the EMTs

Corpse Dogs

Unkle Al and the Green Jeans

Man Mayo

Little Burn Face Midget Boy & The Shriners

Harmonious Breath

Cupid’s Firey Shaft

Meddling Monkey

Athenian Swain

Female Ivy

Mac Dang and the Ripple Creek Fairies

The Flung

Hillbillies on Crack

Morbid Obesity

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12/09/2009 Wine Dinner at Midwest Culinary Institute

Wine Dinner at the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State Technical & Community College.

Hosted by the students of the Midwest Culinary Institute under the direction of Donna Schmitt. Menu prepared by Chef de Residence, Jean-Robert de Cavel. Wines hosted by Laura Landoll, Advanced Sommelier, of Grand Cru Wine Company & Rudy Basile of Vias Imports.

Oyster Tartare
Amuse Bouche: Oyster Tartar, Marinated Scallops & Citrus. Terredora Falanghina, 2007

Main Lobster & Smoked Eel
Maine Lobster & Smoked Eel Salad, Avocado, Pineapple, and Celery Root Pistachio. Statti Greco, 2007

Veal Sweetbreads
Veal Sweetbreads en croute, Truffle Demi-Glace, Apple, Leek, Barley, Crosnes Light Curry Sauce. San Lorenzo Vigna Di Gino, Verdicchio del Castelli de Jesi 2007


Wild Striped Bass1
Wild Striped Bass, Tuna Mousse, Pomegranate, Fennel, Chantrelles, and Broccoli Raab. Cantele Salice Salentino Riserva 2004

Wild Boar2
Wild Boar, Seasonal Garnishes. Cantele Primitivo 2006 & Produttori del Barbaresco 2005

Chocolate Pot de Creme
Chocolate Pot de Creme Surprise. Terredora Aglianco 2007

Gallery Back Online!


After being offline for a long time, our Gallery is finally back online. Of course, since it was offline, it wasn’t being updated. Now that it’s back online, I will shortly dump into it a bunch of new pictures that have been stacking up (including some great new travel shots). Additionally, I tweaked the behavior of the top & side menus – now when you click “Gallery”, it takes you directly to the Gallery (instead of to an introductory page).

Thanks to Doug & Carl for diagnosing and fixing the problems, and thanks to the users that wrote to alert me that it was down.

Please let me know if you encounter any weirdness when using our Gallery.

11/18/2009 Wine Dinner at Midwest Culinary Institute

Welcoming Wine Trends, Inc.
Featuring Mary Horn and Ian Pascoe

Hosted by the students of the Midwest Culinary Institute under the direction of Donna Schmitt

Smoked Trout, Horseradish, Grapefruit, and Beets
Zardetto Prosecco, NV

Clams, Cucumber, Celery, and Mango
Kris Pinto Grigio, 2008

Poached Salmon, Coconut, Basmati Rice, Orange, and Broccoli
Vitiano Bianco, 2008

Roasted Pheasant Breast, Cranberry, Fennel, and Steel Cut Oats
Vitiano Rosso, 2007

Slow Cooked Ribeye of Beef, Polenta, Proscuitto, Rapini & Porcini Mushrooms
Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre, 2005 & Vietti Barbera d’Asti Tre Vigne, 2005

Quince Drumstick
Vietti Moscato d’Asti Cascinetta, 2008

Dinner Menu from Spago, Las Vegas

During our trip to Las Vegas in November, 2009, Wendy & I split off from the group (Ron, Dave, Ted, Tracy, Julie, and Terry) to dine at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago in The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino.

Everyone had decided to see a Vegas show, but we all wanted to see different shows, so we did! Tracy & Ted saw Human Nature, Julie, Terry, Ron, and Dave saw Penn & Teller, and Wendy & I saw Mystere. Before the show, Wendy & I dined at Spago, where we did the 6-course tasting menu (we decided to forego the wine pairings because we wanted to stay awake for the show!).


(Our table was between the chandelier and it’s reflection in the mirrors in the photo above.)

The menu was as follows…

Margarita Flambe, Burratta Cheese, Cherry Tomato, Basil Pistou

Duo of Sashimi, Yellowfin Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Crispy Rice Cake, Chili Ponzu Sauce

Soup and Salad, Mushroom Bisque with Pear and Prosciutto Salad

Ricotta Gnochi, Black Truffle Butter

Lup de Mare, French Sea Bass, Eggplant Salsa Verde, Peppers, and Black Olives

Short Ribs, Mashed Potato, Autumn Vegetables

Apple Babka (stuffed French Toast), Citrus Cheesecake, Graham Cracker Crust, Figs, Blood Orange Sorbet

Despite not having the wine pairings, this was one of our favorite meals this trip. The scope of the tasting menu was outstanding, the preparations were precise and highlighted the specific flavors of each ingredient, and the presentations were delightful. Plus our server was very nice – personable and not at all like the droids that you usually find in Vegas.