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Cafe des Fluers logoTonight’s dinner was rather simple, since Wendy & I were both busy today. Wendy went to work on the set for LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS which opens in early May at Falcon Theater. I went to Coney Island to work in Cafe des Fluer, a temporary cafe opened at the Cincinnati Flower Show by Jean-Robert de Cavel. It was great to get back into the professional kitchen, even this kitchen-in-a-tent-in-a-parking-lot. Some of the crew was from Pigall’s, and some were from Jean-Robert’s other restaurants. I worked wherever I was needed today, everything from bread service to running dishes to rolling silverware to tables to clearing plates. Any task that needed help, I helped.

Wendy & I got home around 6:00 and spent a quiet evening together. Dinner was simple — ravioli, some cottage cheese, fruit, and water. Easy, comfortable, and cozy for our evening together. She gets busier from here as she approaches tech week and then the opening & run of her show, so we value these evenings together.

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Below is a link to the book I’m currently reading, and here is the blog that started it all (this page is the starting post).

Julie and Julia : 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen

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One Night, Eleven Kitchens
April 24, 6-9 pm
Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State College


Top regional chefs showcase the eleven state-of-the-art kitchens at Midwest Culinary Institute to benefit the Cincinnati State College Foundation culinary scholarships.

On Sunday, April 24 2005, I participated as a worker in the first-ever One Night, Eleven Kitchens scholarship fundraiser at the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State College. The event highlighted prominent chefs from Cincinnati restaurants. Students were permitted to work with these chefs.


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If you click here, a new window will open with pictures from Drew’s culinary training at CSTCC. I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures… You can even add a comment if you’d like.

My current plan is to take this term (Fall 2004) off, and then to take a class or two each subsequent term to keep my hands in it.

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Julia Child, the tall, gregarious chef who redefined the American culinary landscape with her landmark books and television shows, died Friday August 13, 2004 in Montecito, CA, after bouts with kidney failure; she was 91, two days shy of her 92nd birthday.

At a commanding height of 6 feet, 2 inches, Child preached a cooking style that reveled in the joys of good food and sharing it wholeheartedly, mixing French and American styles. Unpretentious in her cooking, she was an earthy and human role model for aspiring cooks, and was never afraid to make a mess or pick up dropped items without a care; her on-the-fly cooking style was parodied in a now-legendary Saturday Night Live skit in which Dan Aykroyd as Child merrily continued on with a recipe after slicing open numerous veins and spattering blood all over the kitchen.

Child, who never took a cooking lesson until she was in her 30s, embarked on her culinary career in Paris after World War II, co-authoring Mastering the Art of French Cooking. That book, still in print, led to her famous, long-running PBS show The French Chef, which ran from 1962-1973 and won both an Emmy and Peabody Award. Numerous books and television shows followed, and she worked well into her 80s. As a fitting tribute, her kitchen is now a permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute. Child, who had no children and whose husband died in 1994, is survived by extended family.

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Jacques Pepin discussed THE APPRENTICE: MY LIFE IN THE KITCHEN at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati on May 27, 2004.

I arrived about 30 minutes early and was able to get a seat in the front row. I spent the time before the event talking with a charming 73-years-young lady and her adult daughter about cooking, fresh produce, cookbooks, and Alton Brown (she’d never heard of him, but after looking at my just-purchased copy of GEAR FOR YOUR KITCHEN, she was headed back to get I’M JUST HERE FOR THE FOOD).

Promptly at 7:00, Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel, chef at an excellent local restaurant stepped to the podium. Jean-Robert (“JR”) recounted an experience from “when [he] was a shy younger chef” when Jacques Pepin came into the restaurant where JR was working, and JR was too nervous to go out to meet him. JR introduced Chef Pepin (in the course of the discussion, Chef Pepin revealed that he would dine this evening at JR’s restaurant).
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