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Playlist for Wednesday, August 22, 2001:
Updated: August 23, 2001

For our twelfth show of the second season, Drew and Bruce once again foisted 120 minutes of radio goodness on an unsuspecting Cincinnati, in our "He Said / He Said" format where Bruce plays the first hour's music, and Drew plays the second.

Remember "Air Condition Low Humidity"!

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2001 9:00-11:00am:
Two hours, three guys, very little music, no breaks, no scripts...
An intimate look inside the minds of Bruce, Drew, and Ryan.

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

New Order / Shellshock / Pretty In Pink Soundtrack / 1986 / Bruce: This is the type of band I hated in the 80s, but realized on New Years Day of 1990 that they weren't all bad.

Levellers / One Way / Levelling the Land / 1991 / Bruce: Whoo boy. Fun. It kinda sounds like that other pseudo Irish band that sang the theme to Party of Five.

John Cale / Paris 1919 / Seducing Down The Door / 1990 / Bruce: This song was on a CMJ comp I got a bunch of years ago and it sounded so _old_, but still is a great song.

Lilac Time / Fields / & Love For All / 1990 / Drew: You know what I hate? When artists try to be clever and use symbols or letters to signify words. For example, "In 2 U" or "Eat My 83475, U Angry 6229" Bruce: & I h8 that 2.

Joe Jackson / Steppin Out / Night & Day / 1982 / Drew: I remember Joe Jackson well. He had this one great song, and then... and then... Hmmm. Bruce: And then he had this song.

John Williams & The Boston Pops / Jupiter / The Planets / 1987 / Drew: John Williams is awesome. A little bit of class for you radio listeners!

Groove Armada / At The River / Vertigo / 1999 / Bruce: This is my favorite song whose lyrics are only a sentence fragment.

The Flirts / Jukebox / 10 Cents a Dance / 1983 / Drew: Poppy, fun. Bruce: Their only hit...

Vigilantes of Love / You Know That / Summershine / 2001 / Bruce: I hate this band, but this album promised to be a jangly brit-pop departure, and it seems to be just that. Kinda reminiscent of REM's "Murmur" which I love.

Maxi Priest / Close To You / Best of the Best / 1994 / Bruce: (Yawn). Pleasant pop.

a-ha / Seemingly Non-Stop July / East of the Sun West of the Moon / 1990 / Drew: Take on me. Take me on. I'll be gone. After the (unintelligible REALLY high note). Bruce: I never even thought to ask what that lyric is. I researched it now, and it's "I'll be gone. In a day or two". In-teresting...

K's Choice / A Sound That Only You Can Hear / Paradise in Me / 1995 / Drew: I saw these stoned out foreigners at Pepsi Jammin' on Main a few years ago (before downtown was unsafe). Bruce: Drew, as a suburbanite, is irrationally afraid of downtown now, as all suburbanites are. Don't let his irrationality frighten you, dear listener.

Jon Secada / Just Another Day / Jon Secada / 1992 / Drew: Oh yeah! He had this one hit, and then... and then. I guess today was "one-hit wonder" day!

G. Love & Special Sauce / Kick Drum / Philadelphonic / 1999 / Drew: We lament the demise of this musical genre. Alas. Bruce: G Love still makes tunes.

Peter Gabriel / Kiss That Frog / Us / 1992 / Drew: Gabriel is one of my persistant favorites, and is usually noticably absent from mainstream radio. Hey Peter! It's been the requisite 5+ years since your last album! Isn't it time to release? Bruce: Half of every PG album for me is unlistenable pretentious crap. I went to some 3D motion simulator that they made to this video once, and it made me ill, like all of those exaggerated motion simulators tend to do.

Radiohead / Idioteque / Kid A / 2000 / Drew: Foul language alert. Bruce: I don't think there's foul language in this...

Set On Edge / Summon The Rain / Sod Pottage / 1998 / Drew: Some guys from Athens, Georgia (really!) that make some pretty cool music. And the lead singer has a girl's name!

Grace In Gravity / Big Pretend Life / Grace In Gravity / 1999 / Drew: Even though they're on semi-permanant hiatus, this band's music still stands up quite well. We can hope for another offering from them, but we're not holding our breath.

Santana / Soul Sacrifice / Soul Sacrifice / 1994 / Drew: Carlos kinda seems to know his way around a guitar pretty well, donthca think?

Annie Lennox / Take Me To The River / Medusa / 1995 /

Mandy Patinkin / I Dreamed a Dream / Experiment / 1994 / Drew: Mandy is an outstanding performer. Youths may remember him as Iñigo Montoya from Princess Bride, but the man can sing the daylights out of a song.

Seven Mary Three / What Angry Blue? / Rockcrown / 1997 /

Los Lobos / Dream In Blue / Kiko / 1992 /

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