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Playlist for Wednesday, August 21, 2002:
Updated: August 22, 2002

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Today was the twelfth show of the third season, and our next-to-last show for this summer. Thanks for tuning in!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Comments)

Will Smith / Nod Your Head

Moby / James Bond Theme

Peter Mulvey / Wings of the Ragman

Matchbox 20 / If You're Gone

Jack Henderson / Under My Skin

Stone Temple Pilots / Plush

Counting Crows / A Murder of One

Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack / Time Warp

Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack / Sweet Transvestite

Ryan Adcock / Van Goeh's Hands

Cassius / I'm a Woman

Nat King Cole / Almost Like Being in Love

Cowboy Junkies / Sweet Jane

Over The Rhine / The Body is a Stairway of Skin

Creed / My Own Prison

Matthew Sweet / Looking at the Sun

Live / Iris

Nirvana / Come As You Are

Sting / Big Lie Small World

Blur / Song 2

Alkaline Trio / Maybe I'll Catch Fire

Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn / World Where You Live

David Bowie / Let's Dance

The Atari Star / Walk With Me in the Morning Hours

Ellipsis / Miles

Dave Matthews Band / Big Eyed Fish

Josh Joplin / Weebles

Counting Crows / Black and Blue

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