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Playlist for Wednesday, August 16, 2000:
Updated: May 16, 2001

We continue the SMACK IT CINCINNATI! slogan contest. If you'd like to enter, either call the show at 513.749.1444, or email the guys with your suggestion. Winners will be announced during a future show.

Today, SMACK IT CINCINNATI! again featured Brian as guest host due to Bruce's continued incarceration. Bruce has been transfered to a 'holding facility' in Utah. We'll keep you updated on Bruce's status.

We welcomed Ryan Adcock to SMACK IT CINCINNATI! today. Ryan is a local musician and front man of The Ryan Adcock Band. . Ryan has two excellent CDs out, and he's host of a show on WAIF called "Hearts and Bones". Tune in to Ryan's show on Thursdays at noon through August 2000. Thanks for coming on the show, Ryan!

We appreciate the supportive calls you've been making to 513.333.WAIF on our behalf. PLEASE KEEP IT UP!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Ryan Adcock / This is My Rain / Making Friends for an Afterlife / 1998 /

Jesus Truck / Sekret Oktober / GLUE / 1998 / Drew laments: "This track, from a Duran Duran fan album, features our very own Bruce on vocals. It is so bad that it is almost heart-stopping. We play it in honor of our dear, incarcerated Bruce." Bruce counters: "Bastard!! This was the first thing I had recorded in my life! It's great. Done in 1 hour (from door in to door out), all the vocals, all the kell the vocals, all the keys.. Not shabby. Some people liked it!!"

Crosley / Breathe / EP / 1999 / Drew enlightens: "Crosley is a local band that was on our show one week. They play out quite often -- check them out if you can!"

Ryan Adcock / Planet Full of Chimneys / Making Friends for an Afterlife / 1998 /

Ann-Margaret / Thirteen Men / Let Me Entertain You / ???? /

Ryan Adcock / So It Goes / I Hope... / 1999 / Drew reflects: "Ryan told the story of the unsual lyric in this song ("Will you marry me, goldfish?")... Seems that when Ryan was a kid, he spent nearly $30 trying to win a goldfish by throwing a ping-pong ball into a bowl at some local festival. The carnie felt so badly for young Ryan that he gave him the goldfish. Ryan then reported that he earned the attention of his intended, Katie, the same way -- by winning her at a local festival. 8-) "

SMACK IT TRIVIA CHALLENGE: Today is YET another dark day in the history of SMACK IT CINCINNATI. CINNATI. Today, "The Drew" again admitted defeat in a bantam-weight class battle with Ryan and our own incarcerated co-host, Bruce. The final score was: Bruce 4, Drew 3, and Ryan 3.

Trivia Music: Linford Detweiler / Track 5 / I Don't Think There's No Need To Bring Nothin / 1999 / Drew: "Basement piano. It's rough, improvisational, and somewhat indulgent (why would ANYONE assume that ANYONE would want to buy a CD of someone noodling around on a piano while dogs walk around?!). And I bought it. What's that say about me?"

Tom Cochrance / Life is a Highway / Mad Mad World / 1992 /

Ryan Adcock / Pan's Lullabye / UNRELEASED -- World Premiere! / 2000 /

Ryan Adcock / Tribute to Glen / I Hope... / 1999 /

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