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Playlist for Wednesday, August 15, 2001:
Updated: August 23, 2001

For our eleventh show of the second season, Drew and Bruce once again foisted 120 minutes of radio "sparkle" on an unsuspecting Cincinnati, in our soon-to-be-trademarked "He Said / He Said" format where Bruce plays the first hour's music, and Drew plays the second.

Thanks to Steve and the technical staff at WAIF, Studio A has never been so cool! Remember "Door Closed. Air Condition Low Humidity"!

Two hours, three guys, no music, no breaks, no scripts...
An intimate look inside the minds of Bruce, Drew, and Ryan.
Stay tuned for more information!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

B'ehl / Don't You Forget About Me / Pretty in Pop / 1997 / Bruce: Indie bands cover songs from John Hughes' films on this EP. Interesting. Drew: If by "interesting" you mean "crappy", then I agree. It was "interesting". Bruce: If by "crappy" you mean "rockin", then I agree. :)

Posies / Dream All Day / Best of the Posies / 2000 / Bruce: This is one of those weird grunge-wannabe songs that has enough hook that you can't get it out of your head for days on end.

Michael Jackson / PYT (Pretty Young Thing) / Thriller / 1982 / Bruce: Another foray into vinyl for us at Smack It. Went over quite well, if you ask me.

Thingy / Pony / Compilation / 1998 / Bruce: Rob's vocals almost make you forget that the lyrics are so dark in all of his songs... This one's especially bouncy.

Suzanna Vega / 99.9F° / 99.9F° / 1993 / Bruce: When folkies go pop, pt I. This is an example of what good things can happen if you take a boring folk singer off the streets and gussie her up with a combination love interest and hitmaking producer...

Talking Heads / And She Was / Sand in the Vaseline / 1989 / Bruce: I really wanted to play "Lifetime Piling Up" but figured that part of the CD was too dirty, so I didn't even attempt it.

Peter Himmelman / Always in Disguise / KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic / 1994 / Bruce: Pretty sweet. Don't know much more from him other than this track on this compilation, a KRCW series where they release work by artists visiting their morning show. Hmm. Maybe Drew and I should consider this...! It's originally from his "Flown This Acid World" CD, which is a great title. Drew: SMACK IT CINCINNATI! does not endorse nor advocate the use of recreational drugs.

John Taylor / Gabe / Techno for Two / 2001 / Bruce: Good to hear the pioneer of 80's britpop bassplaying back playing bass. And limiting his voice to things he's capable of. Great track, great album.

Sinead O'Conner / This is to Mother You / Gospel Oak EP / 1996 / Bruce: It's neat when someone everyone slags off as being a hack makes a great CD. Although this was only an EP, it was pretty perfect. Lots of downtempo but truthful tunes with a lot of celtic instrumentation.

REM / Fall On Me / Fables of the Reconstruction / 1987 / Bruce: Loved this video. Michael Stipe directed it, ya know. Drew: Michael Stipe is a musician, singer, now director. And he's GAY! This man has it all. Bruce: He doesn't have you, Drew. Drew: Only you have me, Bruce!

Duran Duran / Ordinary World / Duran Duran / 1993 / Bruce: Drew vaguely knew this wasn't Hungry Like the Wolf. Drew: It wasn't? All that britpop sounds the same to me. You turn any britpop artist upside down, and they even LOOK the same.

Robbie Fulks / Let's Kill Saturday Night / Let's Kill Saturday Night / 1997 / Bruce: This is as rockin' as Robbie gets. Check him out the next time he
plays Southgate House. He has a good mix of rock, alt-country and a pretty fun point of view on things that keeps the live show flying along.

Paul Simon / I Know What I Know / Graceland / 1987 / Bruce: Anytime there are women of color shrieking and chanting, it screams "chart hit" to me.

Andrea Bochelli & Sarah Brightman / Time to Say Goodbye / Romanza / 1998 / Bruce: They play this at the Bellagio fountain, otherwise I never would have looked it up. When you see columns of water prancing to it, it all makes sense.

Counting Crows / Angels of the Silences / Face the Promised Land / 1999 /

Tom Jones & The Chieftans / Tennesse Waltz / Long Black Veil / 1995 / Bruce: A radio programmer can never get fired for playing Tom Jones. Ev'ryone loves the bastard. Drew: My mother even loves Tom Jones. Sheesh.

Allison Moyet / Only You / Singles / 1995 / Bruce: I keep forgetting this is Yaz/Alison Moyet. The dancier songs on their album don't sound much like this... God bless John Hughes for using it in 16 Candles though. Drew: Just God bless John Hughes. And God bless Bruce Lachey.

Creed / Say I / Human Clay / 1999 /

Jody Grind / Just Because You Wear Big Shoes / One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure / 1990 / Bruce: She ain't bad... for country. Drew: Bruce ain't bad... for portly.

Mike Helm / This Is My Pop Song / Yer Pal Mr. Snake In The Grass / 1997 /

New Mongrels / I Know Everything / Not Dead (Yet) / 1993 /

Sheryl Crow / Strong Enough / Tuesday Night Music Club / 1993 /

Ben Folds Five / Brick / Whatever & Ever Amen / 1997 / Bruce: If I had to pick any song about abortion as my 'favorite', this would be right up there. Drew: This is about abortion? MAN... That's not what I thought at all.

Seven Mary Three / Lucky / Rockcrown / 1997 / Bruce: I was there for the riotin' on Main when they played Jammin' on Main. Were you there, Drew? Drew: Who do you think threw the first bottle, boyo?

Smoke / Freak (Winn's Song) / Smoke / 1994 /

Jody Grind / One Man's Trash (Is Another Man's Treasure) / One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure / 1990 /

Allison Moyet / The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face / Singles / 1995 /

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