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Playlist for Wednesday, August 7, 2002:
Updated: August 7, 2002

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Today was the tenth show of the third season. Chris Flinchbaugh joined us in the studio to promote his new album and to play some songs for us. Thanks for tuning in!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Comments)

Counting Crows / Hard Candy

Evanescence / Origin & Whisper

Reverand Horton Heat / Bails of Cocaine

The Greys / Same Thing

Beth Orton / Concrete Sky

Chris Flinchbaugh / The Magician's Run Away

Pedro The Lion / Magazine

Josh Joplin / Fearless

Death Cab for Cutie / Information Travels Fast

Chris Flinchbaugh / The Villian -- LIVE IN STUDIO!

Les Miserables / Hearing You

K's Choice / Mr. Freeze

Chris Flinchbaugh / Abbreviated Stay

Getaway People / She Gave Me Love

Over The Rhine / Like A Radio

Chris Flinchbaugh / In the Park -- LIVE IN STUDIO!

Rosie Thomas / Two Dollar Shoes

Stone Temple Pilots / Dead & Bloated

Mark Cormican / Call of the West

Matthew Sweet / Girlfriend

Nilsson / Gotta Get Up

Chris Flinchbaugh / Pillow Fight

Crowded House / Mean to Me

Cory Morrow / Let It Roll

Chris Flinchbaugh / Prelude to Tragedy -- LIVE IN STUDIO!

Linkin Park / One Step Closer

Joan Jett / You're Gonna Make It After All

Matchbox 20 / If You're Gone

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