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Playlist for Wednesday, August 2, 2000:
Updated: February 12, 2002

We continue the SMACK IT CINCINNATI! slogan contest. If you'd like to enter, either call the show at 513.749.1444, or email the guys with your suggestion. Winners will be announced during a future show.

We appreciate the supportive calls you've been making to 513.333.WAIF on our behalf. PLEASE KEEP IT UP!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

r / Comments)

Poe / Hello / Hello / 1995 / Drew: "This song is a catchy, pop-trash number by POE. I think her 15 minutes are probably up now..." Bruce: "Yep. I liked this song though."

Mike Helm / This Is My Pop Song / Yer Pal Mr. Snake In The Grass / 1998 / Drew reports: "Mike is a local musician who works under the Blue Jordan label. He's got a few recordings out, and is quite entertaining when he plays live -- especially when he's playing his beautiful hand-crafted guitar (that stays in tune for about 45 seconds)." Bruce: "I have this CD but haven't ever seen him live. That was about the most boring sentence I've ever typed in my life."

William 0rbit / Intermezzo Cavalleria Rusticana [Pietro Mascagni] / Pieces in a Modern Style / 2000 / Bruce informs: "Mr. Orbit, lately best known for his production work with Blur and Madonna, is an accomplished remixer and solo artist. He has a unique, seperatist style approach to synths, and has worked on pieces by Peter Gabriel, The Cure, Sting, Belinda Carlisle, Erasure, Prince, Depeche Mode, and Seal to name just a few. He's also released a popular series of instrumental ambient releases under the moniker 'Strange Cargo'." 'Strange Cargo'."

William 0rbit / In a Landscape [John Cage] / Pieces in a Modern Style / 2000 / Bruce adds: "This CD is a synthesizer and remixer's take on Classical music while remaining true to the character of the songs. I mean, you had 'Switched on Bach' and that stuff, but it was unstomachable unless you had 70's garb on and were watching 'All in the Family' later. This is a perfect driving album, album to read to, or just sit back and listen and educate yourself on pieces by the likes of Barber, Handel, Beethoven, Satie and Vivaldi while listening to one of today's true masters."

The Magnets / Heart's Right Here / The Magnets / 1999 / Bruce waxes: "A great local ska band formed the ashes of Lee Harvey Skaswald, and who broke up in October of 1999. It's almost a safe bet that if I begin liking a band, they will break up soon. Cincy area bands should pay me NOT to like them. Anyway, this is a great buddy song, ironically about being together in a band and how tough it can be. This CD was released very late 98 with an official release party in Jan 99, and still can be found in town."

Erykah Badu / Rimshot / Baduizm / 1997 / Drew raps: "Just a lil' somthin'-somthin' to s'-somthin' to start our day in a hip-hop way. How this CD EVER got into my collection I'll never know. I do know that it's a good CD to play when I'm gettin my groove on." Bruce: "She's no Destiny's Child, but close."

Matthew Sweet / Divine Intervention / Girlfriend / 1992 / Bruce recalls: "We were in line at Camelot Superstore in Tri County once, waiting to have Matthew sign stuff. I gave a copy of Mr. Sweet's 'Earth' CD to a pal to have him get it signed, since you could only have one thing signed at a time. He was very nervous that he'd ask him some Matthew Sweet trivia or something, and he wasn't a fan... Anyway, it went swimmingly. My friend commented on Matthew's 'America's Most Wanted' hat, Matthew was confused, and we went on our way with two signed CDs."

Live / They Stood Up for Love (acoustic) / They Stood Up for Love (Australian CD single) / 2000 / Bruce: "My very second favorite band. This is a kick ass track from their latest CD, 'The Distance to Here', and this version, recorded in April 2000, has been released in Europe and Australia to further support this fine piece of work. As you might guess, more info on this version is found at their website." Drew: "Uh-oh. I prefer the acoustic version to the album version! Whalbum version! Whoda thunk it!?"

Indigo Girls / Least Complicated (recorded live in-studio 1994), (bootleg release c.1996) / History of Us / ???? / Bruce admits: "I like some of their songs, but like to dog them. When they opened for REM on their 'Green' tour, my pal Chris took a nap during their set. When Mike Mills and Michael Stipe came out to warble 'Kid Fears' with them, I had to wake Chris who was only marginally interested since those chicks were still on stage." Drew gushes: "Yes, the Indigo Girls are the true mecca of 'Chick Rock'! Come, worship with us; be their minions."

Olivia Newton John / Make a Move on Me / Greatest Hits Vol. 2 / 1982 / Bruce: "OK, so maybe it's not 'chick rock', but it still rocks. 31 minutes in 10 songs comprising one of the bestest collections of tunes ever. If they made Xanadu 2 is Electric Boogaloo, you know who would be first in line [Drew]"

John Walsh and the Sinkholes / Worst Goddamn Enemy / Antimatter Eisenhower / 1997 / Drew contends: "John Walsh is a friend of mine from years and years ago. They're centered in Bloomington Indiana, and present QUITE a fun live show."

SMACK IT TRIVIA CHALLENGE: Today is a dark day in the history of SMACK IT CINCINNATI. Today, "The Drew" admitted defeat at the hands of a "Second Time Caller". There is nothing else to say.

Pet Shop Boys / Music for Boys (Part 3) / Was It Worth It? (US CD5) / 1992 / Bruce: "Groovy dance. Various remixes of this track have surfaced on various PSB things; the original of this was on their double b-side CD set 'Alternative' in 95. Fun."

Mary Chapin Carpenter / Why Walk When You Can Fly / Stones in the Road / 1994 / Drew: "Some of her music thrills, some of her music chills. This song happens to be the former." Bruce: "Yawn..."

INXS / Not Enough Time / Welcome to Wherever You Are / 1992 / Bruce: "A college album for me. Mark Opitz's great production, nice bass sounds, perfect 90s pop. And there really is never enough time on 'Smack it Cincinnati' for all that we want for you, so it seemed apropos."

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