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Playlist for Wednesday, August 1, 2001:
Updated: August 15, 2001

For our ninth show of the second season, Drew and Bruce had a grand time, playing a wide variety of music. Our special, in studio guest was a silent father of Drew's.

Two hours, three guys, no music, no breaks, no scripts...
An intimate look inside the minds of Bruce, Drew, and Ryan.
Stay tuned for more information!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Sting / The Lazarus Heart / ...Nothing Like The Sun / 1987 / Bruce: One of my favorite songs from my favorite all-time album.

Little Big Sky / Feels Like Rain / Lately / 1997 / Bruce: Dandy offshoot from Mr. Peter Mulvey, an old band that reunited and it feels so good. Reunited and... I forget the next line.

Scritti Politti / Asylums in Jerusalem / Songs to Remember / 1981 / Drew: Vinyl! Bruce: Fun! Drew: Are you mocking me? Bruce: That's ridiculous. But maybe.

Pleasantdales / Mr. Happy / Figure Out Luck / 1997 /

Pinkard & Bowden / Don't Pet The Dog / Gettin' Stupid / 1993 / Drew: Our professional broadcasting careers in shambles, Bruce and Drew are reduced to playing novelty songs.

Elvis / Suspicious Minds / Greatest Hits / 1969 / Bruce: Songs don't get much better...

Living End / Roll On / Roll On / 2001 / Bruce: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pool...

Godspell / Light Of The World / Godspell / 1973 / Bruce: Dear Lord, three things I pray: (1) Drew plays no more showtunes! (2) The AC in Studio A really works! (3) Our studio assistant would look alive...

Dave Matthews Band / Ants Marching / Under The Table and Dreaming / 1994 / Drew: Do you know that the live version of this song is 178 minutes and spans three CDs? Ayup. Bruce: That's crazy.

Reel Big Fish / Hungry Like The Wolf / Duran Duran Tribute / 1997 / Bruce: I smell like I sound. Like the wolf, baby, like the wolf.

Tears for Fears / Shout / Songs from the Big Chair / 1985 / Bruce: It's always chaos at the end of the studio hour.

Madonna / Open Your Heart / True Blue / 1986 / Bruce: Neato video.

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