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This is the playlist for Wednesday, July 26, 2000:
Updated: May 16, 2001

We continue the SMACK IT CINCINNATI! slogan contest. If you'd like to enter, either call the show at 513.749.1444, or email the guys with your suggestion. Winners will be announced during a future show.

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(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Duran Duran / Union of the Snake / Seven & The Ragged Tiger / 1983 / Bruce gets misty eyed: "My first ever Duran extended remix that I bought. I distinctly remember going into the Camelot at Salem Mall in Dayton, seeing the 7" single for $1.99, and the 12" "extended" single with one extra version for $4.49. I had no clue what an extended version could be, so I snagged it. Pure audio heaven. So of course we decided to fade it at 1:20 for the show today, and talk over all but 10 seconds. haha!" Drew: "A little Duran Duran goes a LONG way for me!"

Duran Duran / Late Bar / ???? / ???? / Bruce informs: "The first seven Duran singles produced some of the best examples of new wave/rock fusion ever, especially on their b-sides. Many Duran fans revere each of these more than the radio-played A-side and wish for a proper CD release instead of paying top dollar for an icky bootleg. This track is featured on Duran's current summer tour and is groovy." Drew: "A little Duran Duran goes a LONG way for me!"

Frank Sinatra / I've Got You Under My Skin / Classic Sinatra / 2000 / Bruce: "I hear the Chairman played at Riverbend a few years back and had a one hour and fifteen minute setlist, minute setlist, or something crappy like that. If you're old, not able to play so long, and really don't need the money, stay home. I would never tell that to any Sinatra fans up close, though" Drew: "No one has a voice like Sinatra, or an attitude, either."

Goudie / Baby Hello / Peep Show / 2000 / Drew prattles: "Goudie, headed by androgeneous front-man Johnny Goudie, is poised to take the rock-n-roll world by storm. Or at least that's what their press-kit told me. A friend of mine produced this album."

Ollie & Jerry / Breakin'... There's No Stoppin' Us / ???? / ???? / Bruce pops: "Seeing Drew breakdance was the highlight of my July. He sweats some serious mojo getting his groove on. I saw 'Breakin' 2 is Electric Boogaloo' alone in some skank Daytona Beach theater when I was 14. No shock." Drew locks: "Phew! Been a while since I busted a move down on the cardboard. Some things you just never forget. I'm not sure if Studio A at the lovely WAIF studios will EVER be the same."

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet / Malfunction / Saavy Show Stoppers / 1990 / Drew chortles: "Sure, sure, everyone knows these guys from the intro music to 'Kids in the Hall', but did you kno but did you know they have OTHER music as well? It's true. This little Canadian combo has three (count 'em!) albums, with a grand total of 67 (!) songs, just on those three CDs. Talk about VALUE for your ENTERTAINMENT DOLLAR!"

Lennie Tristano Quartet / Subconscious Lee / ???? / ???? / Bruce: "Big Daddy's incessant playing of 'So What' by Miles Davis and crew led me to find the Smithsonian 5-CD collection of great jazz, from the Cincinnati Public Library. A little listening unearthed this treasure." Drew: "I hear they've got books at the library, too, Bruce. Maybe you should check out some of those?"

The Commitments / Try a Little Tenderness / The Commitments / 1991 / Drew: "For not being a 'real' band, this made-for-cinema group certain could rock out! I really like the lead singer's voice, and there is a funky, fun arrangment to most stuff."

The Cars / Tonight She Comes / Cars Anthology / 1995 / Bruce: "Whoo boy, I hated the Cars. They violate my 'no ugly band policy' pretty well, but this song kicks some 80s butt." Drew: "Yeah, The Cars had more hits than I choose to remember, but to remember, but what an UGLY band they were. Sweet Jesus. I mean, come on, really! Did I mention that I saw them in concert at Riverbend? Yeah, I was working at Riverbend that summer. It didn't take me long to figure out that I could wear my work-shirt OVER another shirt, slip in the employee entrance, do a quick switch-a-roo, and then enjoy the evening's performance free of charge."

Cat Stevens / Wild World / Greatest Hits / 2000 (re-release) / Bruce scratches his head and says: "This song would maybe be better if someone else, like female backup singers, sang the 'la la la la's at the beginning. Just my humble Christian opinion of course." Drew enlightens: "Cat apparently renounced his music several years ago when he switched to some backwater religion and changed his name to "Yusuf Islam". He's come back to the 'way of the light' and is releasing the ridiculously-titled "A is for Allah" sometime soon. My opinion? He's broke and good ole Allah just wasn't bringing in the cash that Yusuf/Cat had gotten used to, so it's back to Christianity to take some of our money. I expect another 'change of heart' from Cat once his wallet is fat again."

Brak with The Chieftans / I'll Tell Me Ma / Brak Presents The Brak Album Starring Brak / 2000 / Bruce: "Brak is a genius. A lyrical gangsta." Drew: "Brak is awesome. Everyone that came before is just a shadow behind Brak. All Hail BRAK! Long live BRAK!"

Peter Mulvey / You Meet The Nicest People In Your Dreams / Trouble With Poets / 1999 / Drew: "A friendly little song that Peter dug up somewhere and has been playing live for a year or so now."

Glenn Miller Orchestra / String of Pearls / In a Digital Mood / 1988 / Brucie: "I distinctly remember my college pal Mike D listening to Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Frank Sinatra, and Glenn Miller. Assuming there was some cosmic connection, it wasn't 'til much later that I realized the fusion of opposing musical genres is pleasing to the audio palate. Mike D. also put the bug in my ear to hunt for a WAIF radio show, so address your hate mail/fan mail to him if you'd like." Drew: "I don't know about all that, but I knows what I likes, and I likes Glenn Miller."

SMACK IT TRIVIA CHALLENGE: Today, our own SMACK IT CINCINNATI trivia-question-wr trivia-question-writer Bruce went up against "The Drew" in a SUPER-DUPER-HEAVYWEIGHT-class Trivia Challenge. It was a tough battle, and Bruce fought bravely, but finally succumbed to the trivia superiority of "The Drew". The final score: Drew 4, Bruce 3. To Bruce: You are a worthy challenger.

Michael Penn / Slipping My Mind / Free For All / 1992 / Bruce: "Wife of Aimee Mann. His first two CDs ('March' and this, 'Free for All' have a consistent and original sound to them that really gets under you and stays with you for months. Nice, understated pieces." Drew: "This guy rocks."

Michael Jackson / The Way You Make Me Feel / Bad / 1987 / Bruce recalls: "We saw him twice on the 'Bad' tour, and he was amazing. I'm still a believer if he just put out a normal album and went around on the Letterman/Leno/Kilbourn circuit, he'd be loved by the average American again." Drew: "I've never liked MJ, and like him even less knowing that he sleeps in oxygen tents with monkeys. But the crazy thing is: I know the words to most of his songs! How is that? Subliminal messages in TV commercials?"

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