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Playlist for Wednesday, July 24, 2002:
Updated: July 24, 2002

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Today was the eighth show of the third season. Thanks for tuning in!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Comments)

Rockapella / Satellite

Beth Orton & Ben Harper / Love Like Laughter

Cake / Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Johnny Lang / Paint It Black

Blur / Song 2

T'Pau / A Little Bit of Heart & Soul

Peter Mulvey / Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello)

Peter Mulvey / Two Janes (Los Lobos)

Peter Mulvey / Mama You Been on my Mind (Bob Dylan)

Alkaline Trio / Radio

Andrew Wk / Party Hard

Barenaked Ladies / Lovers In a Dangerous Time (rare Bruce Cockburn cover)

Radiohead / Karma Police

Will Smith / Nod Your Head

Big Audio Dynamite / Rush

Dar Williams / The Ocean

Jimmy Buffet / Brown Eyed Girl

Creedance Clearwater Revival / I Put a Spell On You

Counting Crows / Miami

Talking Heads / Life During Wartime

Allison Krause / Forget About It

Sting / Brand New Day

Linken Park / One Step Closer

The Chieftans with Tom Jones / Tenessee Waltz

Peter Gabriel / I Don't Remember

Over The Rhine / Give Me Strength

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