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This is the playlist for Wednesday, July 19, 2000:
Updated: May 16, 2001

We continue the SMACK IT CINCINNATI! slogan contest. If you'd like to enter, either call the show at 513.749.1444, or email the guys with your suggestion. Winners will be announced during a future show.

We appreciate the supportive calls you've been making to 513.333.WAIF on our behalf. PLEASE KEEP IT UP!

We welcomed members of a local band, called HOLY CRAP, to the show today. Bart and Jamie showed up to talk about their new EP, "Rock and Roll for PresidP, "Rock and Roll for President" and some of their upcoming shows. Thanks for being on SMACK IT CINCINNATI!, guys!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Over the Rhine / The People Here Are Not Shy / Besides / 1997 / Drew rattles: "An interesting instrumental/spoken word song from Over the Rhine. This is pieced together from interviews that Linford used to conduct with residents of Over the Rhine in Cincinnati, and set to music from the band. The band used this as 'pre-show' music for one of their tours..."

Sugar / Hoover Dam / Copper Blue / 1992 / Bruce waxes: "Probably the quietest tune from the loudest band I like. There were at least three -- maybe four -- singles from this album, and it's still this album track that I hear in my head every once in a while. I'm a sucker for a good metal keyboard solo."

Holy Crap / Try to Change / Rock and Roll for President / 2000 / Drew: "Fun music; fun band." Bruce adds: "Mike Breen can't be all wrong. The best-named band in Cincinnati has a great cheap EP that you should definitely check out."

Monkees / Pleasant Vall / Pleasant Valley Sunday / Greatest Hits / 1995 / Drew recalls: "When I was a kid, we used to play 'Monkees'... My brother was Peter (because he's blond), a tall neighbor was Mike (because the kid had the hat), his little brother was Mickey, and I was Davey (mainly because I had the tambourine AND the initials... See: Davey has my initals in it... Andrew Vogel :: DAVey). It all makes sense, especially if you're 7 years old." Bruce: "This made me nauseous."

Beth Orton featuring Terry Collier / Lean on Me / Best Bit EP / 1999 / Bruce wanes: "I can't think of any more ways to say, 'here's another song that you haven't heard that is really good' so that will have to suffice. This one is lyrically beautiful, and Beth knows her way around a good song. Their voices mix strangely."

SMACK IT TRIVIA CHALLENGE: Today, our in-studio guests went up against SMACK IT CINCINNATI!'s own "The Drew" in a welterweight-class Trivia Challenge. It was a tough battle, the lead being passed off between all three combatants before ending in a never-before-seen THREE WAY TIE. The Drew: 4, Bart: 4, Jamie: 4. Bart and Jamie: You are worthy opponents.

Holy Crap / Parade / Rock an / Parade / Rock and Roll for President / 2000 / Drew: "Check these guys out... They play out locally quite a bit, and their music is fun and diverse." Bruce: "And don't forget: any friend of Rich Wood's must be trouble. Just kidding. But you can get their EP at any responsible CD seller in the greater Cincinnati metro region. And tell 'em that 'Smack it Cincinnati' sent you'"

Ryan Adcock / Plastic Walls / I hope... / 1999 / Drew collects his thoughts, then wags his tongue: "Ryan is a local artist that is also on WAIF. His radio program, 'Hearts and Bones', can be heard on WAIF 88.3fm Thursdays from noon - 1pm through August 2000. We met Ryan at the WAIF 'training session' (mostly it was a stress test to see who could survive being slowly baked for an hour a week). He's a good guy with great music. Two albums, and he's in the studio working on another." Bruce: "We've had it easy. I can't wait to see my co-host in truly hot and miserable August conditions."

Crush / Jellyhead / self-titled / 1997 / Drew observes: "Luciana Caparosa and Donna Air are two sexy women. At least two. Maybe more. Oh? They sing too!? Even better." Bruce: "OK, so it has three, maybe four chords, repeated in an especially repetetive pattern atop a dance beat. It stilance beat. It still is one of the best pop singles of the last few years. It's spiffy how they mention dipolarly opposite bands Bros and Prodigy by name in the song."

Peter Mulvey / Aurora Borealis / Rapture / 1995 / Drew chatters: "The 'hidden track' on Rapture, this is an awesome spoken-word song. Thematically, it is quite the departure from Peter's normal offerings, and is presented here to demonstrate Peter's diversity." Bruce: "I just wanted to hear all those dirty words on the radio. Actually this is kindof a 'devil's advocate' song, where he tells a story in a perspective that isn't his personally at all. Pretty effective, and pretty."

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