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Playlist for Wednesday, July 17, 2002:
Updated: July 17, 2002

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Today was the seventh show of the third season. Lots of good music today, even though our live in-studio guest didn't show up. Thanks for tuning in!

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Counting Crows / Hard Candy

Evanescence / Origin - Whisper

Jody Grind / Love, Love Alone

Moby / Flower

Ben Folds Five / Where's Summer B?

Paula Cole / Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

Green Day / Pulling Teeth

Wendy Bucklew / Ode to Over (Heave Ho)

Tears For Fears / The Hurting

Big Country / In a Big Country (unplugged)

Dream Girls / Everybody Let's Party

Everclear / Brown Eyed Girl

Peter Gabriel with Afro Celt Sound System / When You're Falling

Reverand Horton Heat / Bails of Cocaine

Pearl Jam / Porch

Blues Traveller / But Anyway

Frank Sinatra / Young-At-Heart

Counting Crows / American Girls

Erykah Badu / Four Leaf Clover

Wall of Voodoo / Mexican Radio

Kelly Hogan / Simon Zealot's Song

REM / Ignoreland

Van Morrison / Jackie Wilson Said

Over the Rhine / I Radio Heaven

Barenaked Ladies / Shoe Box

Peter Gabriel / I Have the Touch

The Commitments / In the Midnight Hour

Crowded House / Tall Trees

K's Choice / Paradise in Me

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