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This is the playlist for Wednesday, July 12, 2000:
Updated: May 16, 2001

We continue the SMACK IT CINCINNATI! slogan contest. If you'd like to enter, either call the show at 513.749.1444, or email the guys with your suggestion. Winners will be announced during a future show.

We welcomed Dr. Wendy to the show today. She's a veterinarian at a Cincinnati-area animal hospital, and she stopped by this morning to talk to us about all sorts of important animal safety issues, including declawing, the dangers of fireworks and animals, and anal saculectomy. Dr. Wendy even brought a meerkat that was to undergo an anal saculectomy, but due to time constraints (and those darned pickety PETA people), we were unable topeople), we were unable to hack up the animal on the air. Thanks for being on SMACK IT CINCINNATI!, Dr. Wendy...

We appreciate the supportive calls you've been making to 513.333.WAIF on our behalf. KEEP IT UP!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus, Paul Andrews, director / Pryeidye syen' (Kastalsky) / Russian Church Music / 1992 / Bruce: "This wasn't released until 1992, but was recorded in 1987 so it definitely has some retro vibe to it. Unfortunately, I had to read announcements over top of these gifted choralers. Choristers. Whatever." Drew: "Nobody sings quiet like these Russians. These are people that really know pain and suffering, and they successfuly entone that pain in this amazing rendition. Did you know that Russia (aka the Russian Federation) occupies the area of 17 million sq. km (viva la METRIC SYSTEM!) (nearly twice the area occupied by the USA)? The shores of the country are washed by the waves of ten seas, which belong to three oceans: Atlantic, Arcticantic, Arctic and Pacific."

Brak with Franz Shoeber & The Brakettes / I Like Hubcaps / Brak Presents The Brak Album Starring Brak / 2000 / Bruce: "Brak and I would get along famously. I too love Charles Nelson Reilly, shootin' submarines, pineapple upside down cake, etc... The planet is truly blessed to have such an amazing talent as Brak. Perhaps not since Tracy Ullman has a star's potential been so fully realized." Drew: "I was glad to learn where the whole 'pinapple upside down cake' reference on the message board originated."

Peter Gabriel / Kiss That Frog / Us / 1992 / Bruce gets green in the face writing: "This video was a pretty little computer animated number, and there was some 'Kiss That Frog' experience ride based on it, in the Tri-County Mall parking lot. It was one of those over-exaggerated motion rides that seats 20 or 30 people and it jerks you around waaay too much for the motion on the screen and leaves half of the people wishing they had not paid the $7 to ride it. So since then, everytime I hear this song, my stomach contents churn a little more than normal." Drew croaks: "Peter Gabriel is one of my persistant favorites. If I heard that he was putting out an album called 'Sounds of Peter Gabriel's D Peter Gabriel's Domestic Life', I'd knock people over to be first in line. Did I mention that I got to meet Mr. Gabriel after the Cincinnati leg of his "So" tour several years back? He was a perfect addition to the setlist of today's animal-themed show."

Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by James Levine / Carnival of the Animals (Le Carnaval des Animaux, Saint-Saens) / Walt Disney Pictures Presents Fantasia 2000 / 1999 / Bruce whines: "I missed the IMAX presentation of Fantasia 2000, and now it is in regular theaters. It's been said that it's better for the lay animation fan (like me) than the first one, which was pretty much intolerable" Drew corrects: "Whaddya mean, 'intolerable'?! The animation in FANTASIA was exquisite -- way ahead of its time! I do think, however, that seeing Fantasia 2000 on an IMAX screen would make me puke."

Optigonally Yours / Hugs / Spotlight On Optigonally Yours / 1998 / Bruce: "Beautiful. It's like a trip to the zoo. I can't believe they accentuate the 'kat' in 'meerkat' on this song. If I had an extra hour in the day, I would write Rob Crow and ask him what that's all about" Drew ponders: "Somehow, I NEuot;Somehow, I NEVER thought I'd see 'More than one artist matched Optigonally Yours' pop up when I did a netsearch for this group! I also suspect that Bruce is fudging his release dates, since he told me that this was 1996, when EVERYONE knows it was 1998. Did anyone actually BUY one of those toys?"

Barenaked Ladies / Spider In My Room / Born on a Pirate Ship / 1996 / Drew: "In keeping with this week's animal theme, this offering from BNL. These guys seem to have so much fun on their albums, and it carries over to their live performances as well. Another animal!"

Suzanne Vega / 99.9 F / 99.9 F / 1992 / Bruce: "Production doesn't get better than this. Mitchell Froom, Vega's now-husband, is celebrated for his production with a bevy of diverse artists including Crowded House and Los Lobos. This album marked a definite departure from music that only people like Drew would like, to something more sonically interesting to entice the patient listener." Drew questions: "Is that a fat joke?"

Seven Mary Three / Favorite Dog / American Standard / 1995 / Drew: "Played this one despite the LOUD protestations of my co-host. Did you know that Bruce has REALLY got a whiny voice when he's complaihen he's complaining? It's true... The dulcet tones that you hear when Bruce is caressing the microphone with his husky, manly voice during SMACK IT CINCINNATI are not, in fact, his true tones. Great animal references..."

SMACK IT TRIVIA CHALLENGE: Today, our in-studio guest, Dr. Wendy, and an unidentified "long-time listener, first-time caller" ("LTL,FTC") went up against SMACK IT CINCINNATI!'s own "The Drew" in a world-class Trivia Challenge. Despite considerable evidence of some pre-arrangement between Bruce and "LTL,FTC" and the extensive mental fatigue that Drew was suffering today, Drew managed to knock off "LTL,FTC" and the match ended in a tie with Dr. Wendy. Final scores: The Drew: 4, Dr. Wendy: 4, "LTL,FTC": 3. Dr. Wendy: you are truly a worthy opponent and I would compete against you in the SMACK IT TRIVIA CHALLENGE any time. Today's prize, tickets to the now-postponed YES and KANSAS show at Riverbend, was split between Dr. Wendy and The Drew.

Bill Bruford / Thud / Bill Bruford's Earthworks / 1d's Earthworks / 1987 / Bruce: "Jazzy, eclectic. A helluva piece to hand Drew his well deserved 'Trivia King' award to." Drew boasts: "I'll beat contestants at the SMACK IT TRIVIA CHALLENGE to any music, Bruce..."

Over the Rhine / Seahorse / Good Dog Bad Dog: The Home Recordings / 1996 / Bruce: "Wowee, this version is quiet." Drew observes: "It's interesting to hear this rendition of this song. Both Bruce and Drew are fans of Over The Rhine and have heard this song performed darned-near a thousand times (that is not a comment on the lack of rotation of setlists, though it could be) and darned-near 3 different ways. It's good to return to the foundation from time to time..."

Counting Crows / Another Horsedreamer's Blues / Recovering the Satellites / 1996 / Drew slathers: "Yet another animal! I firmly believe that Adam wants to be Van Morrison."

Shannon / Let the Music Play / Let the Music Play / 1983 / Bruce: "Arguably, the start of the freestyle style of pop music, branching dance music away from the strict 4/4 time signatures that dominated it in the years prior. Historians peg this frns peg this freestyle song as definitely one of the first three, and without a doubt the biggest hit. Does this over academia induce nausea in those of you just wanting to have a good time?"

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