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This is the playlist for Wednesday, July 5, 2000:
Updated: May 16, 2001

We continue the SMACK IT CINCINNATI! slogan contest. If you'd like to enter, either call the show at 513.749.1444, or email the guys with your suggestion. Winners will be announced during a future show.

Today was a very special day for SMACK IT CINCINNATI!. Today was a two hour show, from 9:00am until 11:00am. Bruce and Drew enjoy the expanded format, and are currently in negotiations to bring you more SMACK IT CINCINNATI!, more often, and make it even more funner... We appreciate the supportive calls you've been making to 513.333.WAIF on our behalf. KEEP IT UP!

We had the guys from a local band, CROSLEY in-studio today. Much fun and mayhem! Thanks for coming to SMACK IT CINCINNATI!, guys...

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Monk / Lullabye / Quiver / 1998 / Drew: "A nice instrumental song to open our show this time. Monk played at York Street Cafe last weekend and it seemed appropriate to include this music today." Bruce: "Pretty."

Monk / Middle Way / O (EP) / 2000 / Drew: "The 'single' from the EP released at York Street Cafe." Bruce interjects: "Amen for the quotes around 'single', buddy. I'm a purist and there's no single available. Kick butt song, and a David Wilcox vocal version also appears on this EP and as a hidden track on David's upcoming CD."

Creed / Arms Wide Open (hidden mix) / human clay / 1999 / Drew: "This is a 'hidden' track on the release, HUMAN CLAY, by Creed. It's a different version of their hit, 'Arms Wide Open'. I prefer it to the popular version."

Crosley / Breathe / EP / 1999 /

Guster / Fa Fa >Guster / Fa Fa / Lost and Gone Forever / 1999 / Bruce: "Bill from Crosley didn't want me to play this 'cos it's 'the hit' from the CD. Convinced that Bill was full of crap, I played it nonetheless. On my statewide travels in the past week, I've heard it no less than three times on three different radio stations. This one's for you, Bill."

Grace in Gravity / Down Around Me / self-titled / 1999 / Drew's notes: "Grace in Gravity is a Cincinnati-based group. They won the Cammy (Cincinnati Area Arts Award) for Best New Artist in 1999. Poetic lyrics, great vocals, soaring music, and outstanding production values are hallmarks of their self-titled first release. I expect big things from this group!"

Crosley / Dumb / EP / 1999 /

SMACK IT TRIVIA CHALLENGE: Three-quarters of CROSLEY went up against SMACK IT CINCINNATI'S own "The Drew" in a world-class Trivia Challenge. The competition was intended to be The Drew against Vince and Joel of Crosley, but at the last moment, another member of the band jumped in and nd jumped in and tried to help the guys. Despite Paul's valient effort, The Drew still smeared the guys from Crosley with a score of: Drew 4, Vince 2, and Joel 3.5 (we gave Joel .5 of a point for Paul's contribution). Crosley: you are worthy opponents. Do not let your crushing defeat make you feel TOO bad. Today's prize, 3.5 million dollars, was retained by The Drew. Sorry guys... Maybe next time.

November Project / A Thousand Days / EP / 1999 / Drew: "This band is an offshoot from the now-defunct group, OCTOBER PROJECT. They've got a new vocalist, a re-tooled sound, and the same creative team writing songs. Their music is etherial and soaring, complex and accessible." Bruce muses: "Drew should be a reviewer. That sentence was like poetry. Kick yourself in the ass for that one, Drew!! whoo hoo!"

Human League / Fascination / Fascination! (EP) / 1983 / Bruce: "If those damn Brits have taught us nothing else, a good single or EP need not be on an album to be a smash. Case in point. Remember this video, it had a 'you are here' red dot on a map and then on some corner in London they painted everything red. haha, oh boy, those clever Leaguers. ah ha ha. Cguers. ah ha ha. Clever indeed."

Crowded House / She Goes On / Woodface / 1991 / Drew: "Crowded House is a band I've enjoyed for a long, long time. In addition to catchy, quirky, pop-oriented songs, they also do amazing ballads. This is an example." Bruce: "Almost a perfect album, this one. Definitely one of the best pop albums of all time. Find it used somewhere, and if you don't like it I'll eat my hat"

Crosley / Soul Survive / Live recording from Taste of Cincinnati / 2000 /

Montgomery Gentry / Hillbilly Shoes / Tattoos and Scars / 1999 / Bruce: "We watched this band at the 20th annual Country Concert in the Hills (www.countryconcert.com), on a backstage side balcony, mere meters from the performers. Quite entertaining, and really nice people."

Depeche Mode / Walking in My Shoes / Songs of Faith and Devotion / 1993 / Bruce wistfully recalls: "I karaoked this alternapop tune in a hick bar in Royal Oak Michigan. The old woman before me sang Tammy Wynette, the guy after me sang David Allan Coe."

Matt Sharp & Damon Albaron / We Have a Technical / 1998 / Bruce schools: "This is a Ga: "This is a Gary Numan cover song, from a great Gary Numan cover CD set. Matt is the leader of Rentals and an ex-Weezer alum, and Damon is the voice of Blur. Without a doubt, the cover CD is the worst labeled cover songs on the planet. Definitely mysterious but not for the average dumb American fan (e.g., me)"

Kristen Hall / Cry Tomorrow / Be Careful What You Wish For... / 1994 / Drew: "Kristen started as a guitar-tech for the Indigo Girls and has released a couple two-three recordings. She's got a great husky voice that I adore." Bruce: "There is no end to Drew's fascination with chick-rock, is there? That must be why he's been so lucky in love (insert eyeroll here)"

Beatles / Back in the U.S.S.R. / 1967-1970 / 1973 / Drew: "Who?" Bruce: "Some band that has been recording off and on near London the last year or so."

Faith No More / Easy / Angel Dust / 1992 / Drew: "SMACK IT CINCINNATI declares a moritorium on Lionel Richie songs, in ANY shape or form." Bruce: "If they're in Jello form, I'd reconsider."

Crosley / Letter From Grace / EP / 1999 /

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