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Playlist for Wednesday, June 27, 2001:
Updated: August 15, 2001

The fourth show of our second season! Bruce is back after not 'feeling the music' for a couple of weeks. Welcome back to the show, Bruce! Some technically interesting things -- we were in a different studio that we'd NEVER used before, so we were surprised it went as well as it did.

The guys from Crosley joined us in-studio this morning. We played a few of their songs from their album, OFF THE LAUNDRY, and Vince and Paul gave us a little acapella rendition of one of their upcoming songs that will be on their next album, due out in September 2001!

Two hours, three guys, no music, no breaks, no scripts...
An intimate look inside the minds of Bruce, Drew, and Ryan.
Stay tuned for more information!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Depeche Mode / I Feel You / Songs of Faith and Devotion / 1993 / Bruce: OK, it's kinda neato for the boys to have a song in the neft-used 3/4 time signature, but it's exceedingly tough to dance to. And for a dance-oriented band, that's potential suicide... Drew: I feel you.

Boston / More Than A Feeling / Boston / 1976 / Bruce sez: This song is a good epitome of all that is wrong with 70s radio. Drew's penchant for rotten music shines on this fine example. Drew: Awww, 70's music ain't THAT bad!

R.L. Burnside / It's Bad You Know / Come On In / 1998 / Bruce: Not your typical blues at all. RL is an older dude, but a bunch of hip alternative musicians have taken to him, helping him record and remix tracks, making it very groove oriented on some of the songs, like this dandy engs, like this dandy example.

Crosley / Girl Like You / Off The Laundry / 2001 /

The Dream Girls / Everybody Let's Party / unreleased / 2001 / Bruce: orgasmic. Mt Washington! (get on the floor!), Auburn Hills! (get on the floor!), Finneytown! (get on the floor!), Amberley Village! (get on the floor!), Delhi! (get on the floor!). Whoo boy, I can't stop a-dancin'. Can't wait to have these lovely ladies on the show. Drew: Amelia! (get on the floor!), Fairfield! (get on the floor!), Camp Washington! (get on the floor!)... Seeing Bruce dance lets me know that the bar is pretty high for the world-wide dance competition that the Girls are planning!

Weezer / Crab / Weezer / 2001 / Bruce: first post-Matt Sharp Weezer release, and it's pretty dandy. This song's a star.

78 Cents / Wonderful / Street Dreams / ??? / Drew: A cool, hard-to-find collection of songs from Chicago-area street musicians. The music ranges from barely listenable to pretty darned good. I still wouldn't ride the subway there late at night.

New Edition / If It Isn't Love / Heart Break / 1989 / Bruce: OK, I told Drew I was only playing this 'cos of the 78 Cents he played, but the reason was more than that. a) Crosley often gets mistaken for New Edition, I'm sure. w Edition, I'm sure. 2) this song kicks major bootay. iv) I had planned to play it all along. Drew: No matter how you slice it, I hates me some New Edition.

Matthew Sweet / Evangeline / Girlfriend / 1991 / Bruce: I met Mr. Sweet before the Cincinnati Zoo show, and he's nice. More afraid of his audiences than most performers I believe, and my 'stalker mode' was in low gear that night too. Drew: Bruce's stalker mode knows no "low gear".

Trivia -- Drew against Crosley against "Paul the Ringer" -- THREE WAY TIE!

Crosley / Automatic / Off The Laundry / 2001 /

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