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This is the playlist for Wednesday, June 21, 2000:
Updated: May 16, 2001

Due to some (ahem) technical difficulties, the first couple minutes of the show were, well, not on the air. Once the button was pressed (hi Bruce), all was well and we restarted the show.

We announced the SMACK IT CINCINNATI! slogan contest. Entries pour in. If you'd like to enter, either call the show at 513.749.1444, or email the guys with your suggestion. Winners will be announced during a future show.

Our first in-studio guest, Jodie, joined us today. She brought with her the trombone she's been playing for years and years, and entertained us all (we hope!) with renditions of "the third trombone part of The Star Spangled Banner", the trombone part of the University of Cincinu">University of Cincinnati Fight Song, and a Miles Davis-esque improvisational piece during the reading of our Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Thanks, Jodie, for being a part of SMACK IT CINCINNATI!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra / Fanfare for the Common Man / Bruce informs : "A great Aaron Copeland tune, from the 40s. Should be our show's theme, with the obvious exception being that we're better than just common." Drew gushes: "Man, this is awesome stuff. I am glad that SMACK IT CINCINNATI! isn't bound by musical genre lines and that we can play great music like this!"

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy / The Boogie Bumper / self-titled / 1998 / Bruce queries: "Did someone kill Scotty? Why doesn't he sing?" Drew knows: "This is the first song of the album that helped propel SWING back into its brief recent popularity. No singing, just swinging."

Squeeze / Tempted / East Side Story / 1981 / Drew ponders: "I cannot believe that nnot believe that it was 1981 when this great song was released! Man, I suddenly feel OLD! I was talking with a young man yesterday, telling him about Peter Seller's AMAZING 'PINK PANTHER' movies, and he'd never even heard of them. Old, old, old."

John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra / 76 Trombones / Bruce quips: "There's no better way to introduce our in-studio trombonist, than by playing this song" Drew recalls: "THE MUSIC MAN is a great show, and this is a fun song. I had no idea that having a trombone in the studio could be so much fun."

Elliott Smith / Somebody that I Used to Know / Figure 8 / 2000 / Bruce claims: "Great old school Elliott, but on a new album. Who needs drums and other pesky instruments when you have Elliott's multilayered voice and guitar?" Drew observes: "Did we even play this song? The studio was a bit of a mad-house today, so I didn't even hear it! At least I remembered to log our PSAs so the staff won't kill us!"

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue and Ben Lee / The Reflex / The Songs of Duran Duran Undone / 1999 / Bruce rambles: "This album is chock full of Duran covers by Australian acts. Kylie was offered 'Skin Trade' but said she'd walk if she didn't get something more substantial, hitwise." Drew notes: "'The Reflex' is probably my favorite Duran song."

Tears for Fears / Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams / Saturnine Martial & Lunatic / 1996 / Drew spouts: "Bruce is the king of the 'early-fade-down' of songs. Especially songs he doesn't like (recall last week's MAX WEBSTER!). I think he faded early on this one, too... I really like the 'rap' section of this song..."

Optigonally Yours / Mr. Wilson / Spotlight on Optigonally Yours / 1998 / Bruce: "This California duo took a semi-musical toy called an optigon from the 70s and created a great underground pop album. If you can still find it, buy it."

Fiona Apple / Limp / When the Pawn... / 1999 / Bruce lathers: "Who lathers: "Who knew she was so damn good?" Drew pontificates: "Perhaps one of the best songs off this new, unfortunately-titled, album. Why don't her 'CD enhanced' recordings work in my computer!?"

Katie Reider / Show Your Love / Wonder / 1999 / Drew: "Just supporting the local licks! Katie plays at a church that I attend, and her voice is really amazing. Her album is full of diverse musical offerings. Certainly worthy of adding to your collection!"

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