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Playlist for Wednesday, June 20, 2001:
Updated: August 15, 2001

The third show of our second season! Bruce was out on a sabbatical again because he's still not "feeling the music" despite the best metaphysical efforts of Steve of Wake Up Wednesday. Thanks for your help, Steve, and hopefully, with your assistance, Bruce will again "feel the music" and return to his home on SMACK IT CINCINNATI.

Today's co-host was Ryan Adcock, from Hearts and Bones, and our special guest was Todd Vander Pluym, the award-winning sand sculptor who is currently working at Kenwood Towne Center. Thanks for joining in the madness today, Todd!

Careful listeners also heard Ryan spill the beans about a very special on-air event coming this summer:
Two hours, three guys, no music, no breaks, no scripts...
An intimate look inside the minds of Bruce, Drew, and Ryan.
Stay tuned for more information!

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Evanescence / Origin / Evanescence / 2000 / Drew: A Christian Goth band? From Arkansas!? Yup. This is them!

Evanescence / Whisper / Evanescence / 2000 / Drew: Good stuff, this.

Jimmy Buffett / Come Monday / Songs You Know By Heart / 1985 /

Van Morrison / Moondance / Moondance / 1970 /

Crosley / Soul Survive / Crosley / 2000 /

Dream Girls / Everybody Let's Party / Dream Girls / unreleased / Drew: The hottest thing since ... break dancing!

Mark Cormican / Always in the Mood for You / Always in the Mood for You / 2000 / Drew: Mark is a local musician that I saw at Leo's Coffeehouse. He's got a wonderfully mellow voice, and writes very nice songses very nice songs, too!

Counting Crows / Hanginaround / This Desert Life / 1999 / Drew: Fun, funky music for hangin' around.

Fareed Haque / Teach Your Children / Deja Vu / 1996 / Drew: An amazing recording of an amazing recording. This is the version performed by multi-ethnic guitarist Fareed Haque, and it's a wonderful look at this classic album.

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