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Playlist for Wednesday, June 19, 2002:
Updated: June 19, 2002

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Today was the third show of the third season. Special thanks to Ryan Adcock for covering last week while I was on vacation! Drew's in-studio guests were members of the local band Crosley. Here's what we got up to:

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Comments)

Nickelback / Woke Up This Morning

Michael Hedges / Spring Buds

Linkin Park / Crawling

Poe / Hello

Train / Drops of Jupiter

Crosley / Universe

Jack Henderson / Under My Skin

Aerosmith / Livin' on the Edge

Barenaked Ladies / I Live With It Every Day

Peter Mulvey / Out Here

Crosley / Never Near

Will Jacobs / Sliding on Ice

Tears for Fears / The Working Hour

Ben Harper / Mama's Got a Girlfriend Now

Will Jacobs / Exhausted -- Live, in-studio!

Peter Gabriel / Red Rain

Will Jacobs / Lily -- Live, in-studio!

Stone Temple Pilots / Sour Girl

Peter Gabriel / Revenge

Crosley / Three Doors Down

Will Jacobs / Palest Sun

Afro Celt Sound System / Whirl-Y-Reel

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