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Playlist for Wednesday, June 13, 2001:
Updated: August 15, 2001

The second show of our second season! Bruce was out on a sabbatical because he's not "feeling the music", so we welcomed Pahita & CV, hostesses of the as-yet-unscheduled WAIF show, "Beyond The Fringe". They're currently 'alternates' when a scheduled show needs a substitute host.

I also had the chance to sit in on Hearts and Bones, Ryan Adcock's show that airs after SMACK IT CINCINNATI goes off the air.

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

Communards / Don't Leave Me This Way / Communards / 1986 / Drew: We miss unards / 1986 / Drew: We miss Bruce! This song goes out to him, to assist him with his search to "find the music". Come back soon, Bruce -- don't leave me this way!

Joan Jett / I Love Rock N' Roll / I Love Rock N' Roll / 1981 / Drew: Joan is the 80's rock queen. This is perhaps the quintessential "chick rock" song. It seemed especially appropriate to play it today!

Ewan McGreggor & Alessandro Safina / Your Song / Moulin Rouge Soundtrack / 2001 / Drew: Saw this movie last weekend, and REALLY like the soundtrack, especially knowing that Ewan and Nicole did their own singing. I particularly like Ewan's interpretation of this Elton John classic.

Aretha Franklin / RESPECT / I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You / 1967 /

November Project / A Thousand Days / A Thousand Days / 2000 / Drew: This band originally started life as "October Project". Under that name, they released three wonderful albums before they were unexpectedly dropped by their label.

Indigo Girls / Joking / Rites of Passage / 1992 / Drew: Indigo Girls, before they got all homo-political-issue-y. Used to LOVE t. Used to LOVE them.

Keb' Mo' / She Just Wants To Dance / Keb' Mo' / 1994 /

Matchbox 20 / If You're Gone / mad season / 2000 /

Lorenza Ponce / This Town / Imago / 1997 / Drew: Etherial, light, smooth...

Stone Temple Pilots / Dead & Bloated / Core / 1992 / Drew: Heavy, raw, jagged...

Sloan Wainwright / From Where You Are / From Where You Are / 1998 / Drew: Etherial, light, smooth...

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