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This is the playlist for Wednesday,
June 7, 2000
(our very first show!):
Updated: May 16, 2001

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Album Year / Comments)

John Williams and Boston Pops / Jupiter (the Bringer of Jollity) / The Planets (Holtz) / 1987 / Bruce thinks: "This is a classic. One of the easiest semi-lengthy pieces for the MTV generation to be introduced to modern classical pieces. I'm sure Mr. Williams had some of this Holtz in mind when he composed his loud Star Wars soundtracks and things. And, much like Jupiter, I am a bringer of jollity."

Duran Duran / Playing with Uranium / Pop Trash / 2000 / Bruce's comments: "Great song from a great CD. It seems the only thing consistent about each Duran release is that they a release is that they are each well crafted, catchy pop with a recognizable voice; this track from the new one is just one of a bevy of soon-to-be underappreciated new Duran classics"

Big Country / In a Big Country (acoustic) / Why the Long Face? (plus rerelease bonus tracks) / 1995 / Drew's comments: "An acoustic version of this band's breakthrough hit. A slightly different, fun version of one of my tried-n-true favorites."

Betty Carter / Open the Door / Inside Betty Carter 1964 + American Beauty soundtrack 1999 / Bruce: "I don't know much about Betty. I'm sure she's a sweet lady and all, but I really enjoy this song." Drew: "She got dead, right?"

The Getaway People / She Gave me Love / The Getaway People / 1998 / Drew thinks: "Crunchy, funky, get-down music. Best enjoyed travelling top-down at high speeds. This album, their first, is a cohesive mix of styles, from rap to old-style funk. I saw them when they performed at Top Cat's in Cincinnati."

Ashley MacIsaac / Beaton's Delight / Hi, How Are You Today? (tm) / ???? / Drew's notes: "I caught Ashley when he came to Cincinnati several years ago (and played at Bogart's). I'd never heard of him and was taken to the show by some of his admirers. I'd never heard his music until he came out on stage and began to play. The crowd reaction was amazing, as was the music. We got to hang out with Ashley for a while after the show. In addition to being a top-notch musician and showman, he's a heck of a nice guy, too."

Sloan Wainwright / Here Comes the Rain / From Where You Are / 1998 / Drew's thoughts: "While I was mourning the split of October Project, someone pointed out Sloan's music to me. Some searching led me to her website and some downloadable songs. I fell in love with her voice on songs like 'Hey Girl' and 'I'm Only Listening', and the overall sound of her albums, especially her latest, "FROM WHERE YOU ARE". She's got a great band behind her, and her voice and songwriting are wonderful. Expect to hear more of this stunning voice on future broadcasts!"

Josh Joplin Band / Fearless / ProjectorHead / ???? / Drew's notes: "I met Josh in Atlanta several years ago at a [now defunct] record store's annual New Year's Open Mike show. He played solo, and blew me away. The CD shows the combined talent of these guys."

Tito Puente w/ Ensemble and His Orchestra / Chang / Unestra / Chang / Un Poco Loco / 1987 / Bruce observes: "Our training for the radio station consisted of a pretty brief and warm half hour in a toasty studio that wasn't live. I called and stopped in on Monday evening, during Rudy's 'Buenos Dias America' show that highlights Latin classics and contemporary music. I listened to the show during the drive, and he played a Tito set. Fun stuff. Tito also wrote 'Oye Como Va' which was a huge hit for Santana."

Robbie Fulks / Roots Rock Weirdos / Very Best of Robbie Fulks / 2000 / Bruce sez: "CMJ Magazine and CD had Robbie's 'Let's Kill Saturday Night' from a major label highlighted on one of their issues last year, and I saw him in town at Southgate House where's he's played previously. He kicked major butt, seemed a nice guy. The 'Best of' that this is from is actually more of a rarities compilation, and definitely worth some investigation."

Icicle Works / Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) / The Icicle Works 1984 + Best of The Icicle Works 1992 / Bruce: "This was one of those songs that probably suffered from the band's idiotic choice for a name. I've prayed that the same doesn't happen to our radio show."

Brady Bunch / It's a Sunshine Day / Best of the Brady Bunch - It's a Sunshine Day / 1993 / Drew writes: "Who doesn't love the Brady Bunclove the Brady Bunch? I cannot imagine our first playlist without them!". Bruce writes: "I think Marsha has a great voice."

Grace in Gravity / Significance / Grace in Gravity / 1999 / Drew's notes: "Grace in Gravity is a Cincinnati-based group. They won the Cammy (Cincinnati Area Arts Award) for Best New Artist in 1999. Poetic lyrics, great vocals, soaring music, and outstanding production values are hallmarks of their self-titled first release. I expect big things from this group!"

Over the Rhine / Goodbye / Roaring Lambs / 2000 / Bruce: "Over the Rhine has been playing this on and off in their live sets since 1997, and it's a fan and crowd favorite. The album it comes from is a mix of memorial, vision, and musical realization of the book of the same name by Bob Briner. Other contributors include Sixpence None The Richer, Jars Of Clay, Deliriou5? and Burlap To Cashmere. For additional information on the Lambs CD, check out roaringlambs.net"

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