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Playlist for Wednesday, March 27, 2002:
Updated: March 27, 2002

A very special Springtime show today, 120 minutes of radio goodness by Bruce & Drew... Here's what we played:

(the listings follow this format: Artist Name / Song Name / Album Name / Comments)

Train / She's on Fire / Drops of Jupiter /

Supergrass / Melanie Davis / single / Bruce: Fun. Fun. Power British pop. I don't know much else about this band.

Live / Sun / The Distance to Here / Bruce: This was the worldwide third single off this album, but wasn't released here as their popularity sun started to set. I know that wasn't a clever sentence, but I wanted to write it anyway.

The Fixx / One Thing Leads to Another / Ultimate Collection / Bruce: Who becomes a hatmaker? That's what Colin, the Fixx's lead singer did, after they went belly up. Is there big fortunes in hats? Drew: I don't know if you can get rich making them, but Colin's hats are COMFORTABLE!

Kylie Minogue / Fragile / Kylie / Bruce: Has anyone else seen her lingerie commercial? When she's riding the mechanical bull? It's naughty but nice.

Toadies / Hell Below / Hell Below/Heaven Above / Bruce: Woo! Feathered hair, tall and tan. Drew: Mommy?

Peter Mulvey / River / Wonderland / Bruce: Christmas songs is pretty. Drew: Even in March? No white after Labor Day, I remember, but is it "No Christmas music after the ides of March?". I can't recall...

Vance Gilbert / Watching a Good Thing Burn (live) / Somerville Live / Bruce: As much as Drew plays Vance, I think he wants him. Drew: If by "wants him" you mean "like his music and think he's a good performer", then, yes, I does want him!

Duran Duran / Out of My Mind / The Saint Soundtrack / Bruce: Paul Oakenfold is the best remixer ever. Drew: As much as Bruce plays Duran Duran, I think he wants them.

Scritti Politti / Perfect Way / Cupid & Psyche / Bruce: Not my favorite Scritti song, but we had to bring it back to normalcy. Drew: If you were one guy, a British guy, would you name your one-man-band "Scritti Politti"? Nah, me neither. Wicked song, though.

60 Cycle Hum / 60 Cycle Hum / Bottoms Up! / Bruce: Holy cow, Drew played a great song. I'm more pissed than ever at Kitty now. Drew: Die Pussycat!

James / Getting Away With It / Pleased To Meet You / Bruce: James keeps chugging along, though they're not allowed to in this country. US record labels don't think they'll appeal to American youth. They might be right.

Peter Mulvey / Sign O'The Time / Goodbye Bob / Bruce: The idiot Mulvey fans that didn't snap up this EP are wishing they had now, it's sorely out of print. Drew: Is it legal for me to play this song with Bruce around, what with the restraining order that Peter put on Bruce (after the whole quarter chucking/heckling episode)?

ABBA / Take a Chance on Me / Gold / Bruce: My mom hadn't heard this song in forever she informed me at lunch. How did they do that crazy opening vocal part without pitch correctors?

Rick Springfield / Jesse's Girl / Billboard Top Hits 1981 / Bruce: Drew had some weird long story that this song triggered that ended up with a parapalegic chanting "I Love Rock and Roll" over and over at his high school prom. Sad but true. I feel dirtier for knowing the story. Drew: Just goes to show that despite the fact that we're brilliant on the air (just ask us), sometimes the gold is most noticable when the mics are off.

Kylie Minogue / Can't Get You Out of My Head / Kylie / Bruce: La la la... One of the catchiest songs ever. I imagine in a few months I'll look back and be baffled that I liked it so much. Drew: La la la... No kidding. I was whistling it while I was pissing (and you know what they say: "Never whistle while you're pissing!") -- that's how catchy that song is! La la la...

Indigo Girls / Moment of Forgiveness / Become You / Drew: Do you remember when the Indigo Girls used to perform passionate, vibrant songs? Me too. Barely. This isn't one of them.

Katie Reider / Free / I Am Ready / Bruce: I don't like this girl's name, or her looks especially, but this song was a-cookin'. I imagine that's some Ric Hordinski geetar in the back. Drew: Be careful with your comments about her looks, Bruce. She could kick your pasty ass with one tentacle tied behind her back!

Amy Ray / Johnny Rottentail / Stag / Bruce: Are you Amy Ray? Are you Jimmy Ray? Drew: No less confusing that the SONG (above) called "Melanie Davis"! Me loves some DykeMusic!

Papa Wemba / Excuse Me / Molokai / Drew: I'd hate to see this guy in concert. I would imagine that you could look right down his throat and see his shoes. The shoe-bone's connected to the ... throat-bone!

Peter Gabriel / Revenge / OVO / Drew: Awesome drums. Makes me want to loop this over and over and over and...

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