Who is this person?
I am a man named Drew Vogel. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States. I live with my wonderful wife Wendy, to whom I have been married since December 31, 2003, and our animals… Dog: Dolly; and Cats: Stompy, Kasey, Eunice, Achilles Oafington, and little white cat.

We miss our cats Ringo, Merrick, Akhenaten, Oliver, and Mr. Face, who left paw prints on our hearts when they left all too soon, and fondly remember Midnight, Stanley, Esther, Belle, Buster, Chuck, and Bean (dogs) who are gone too.

Drew Vogel

What’s he all about?
My hobbies and interests include gourmet cooking, culinary education (I am an adjunct instructor at the local culinary college), board gaming, scuba diving, pets, travel, tattoos, movies, home theater, reading, and music. Each of these activities touch my life almost daily and give me immense pleasure.

What is this syndication thing?
Traditionally a syndicate is an association which undertakes a specific business or an agency which sells comics, articles, or photographs for publication in a series of newspapers at the same time. In the world of blogs, however, it has become a term for feeds that are readable in a newsreader. The seemingly most popular syndication protocol or format is RSS. Below I have a link to a RSS feed for my blog.


RSS feed
The RSS feed I provide is based on the RSS 2.0 specification. RSS is a standard for syndicating frequently updated content from a site using a newsreader. To use the feed, copy the link (above) for the RSS file into the Subscription panel of the newsreader application.

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