DINNER: Monday, August 11, 2003

Our first full day back from vacation. Wendy was at work, while I (having taken an additional day of vacation) did laundry and ran errands (our ADSL modem was zapped during our vacation, so I got that replaced), got the house back into shape, and went to Cincinnati State Technical and Community College for pre-admission testing for the Culinary program.

Busy day for both of us, and with almost no food in the house (and certainly no desire to cook, even if there was food!), we simply ordered from LaRosa’s. I got my usual — a hoagie & a salad. Wendy tried one of their new Ciabattas and presumably it was good; I didn’t get a taste.

DINNER: Saturday, August 9, 2003

Today, we dined from Melvin’s Barbeque for lunch. Ted & I drove out to get some of their famous "1933 Secret Recipe" barbeque sauce, which is mustard based and wonderful, on pulled pork sandwiches. With an assortment of side-items, including their amazing onion rings, we drove back to Folly Beach, tempted the whole way by the amazing smells!

The folks at the beach house were grateful that they didn’t have to get gussied up for a good lunch… And a good lunch it was!

For dinner, we ate at the oddly-named River Cafe’ at the Sandbar, one of Wendy’s mother’s favorite places.

It was darned good — I had Jalapeno Roasted Corn Soup, Sauteed Scallops with penne pasta, and we split a piece of Key Lime Pie for dessert.

DINNER: Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Ted needed to get a tire fixed — one had died on our trip down to Charleston — so, thinking "how hard can this be?", Wendy, Ted, and Drew set off to find a tire place that could repair/replace his tire.

We stopped at two or three tire dealers to find a replacement for Ted’s ailing tire. No luck. Each one sent us to another dealer, on down the line. Finally, someone mentioned Gerald’s Tire, and we were off to find it.

We pulled up to Gerald’s and noticed immediately that the entire store was surrounded by vehicles and employees working on them. Feeling encouraged, we spoke to an employee who assured us that they had the replacment we were seeking, and replied to our empassioned plea for somewhere to ‘get some food and something to drink’ while we waited for the tire by telling us about the bar next door — The Anchor Cafe’.

We marched in to the long, dark, narrow bar to find it empty save for the bartender, who offered us a warm welcome. We sat down and ordered our drinks along with a handful of fried local shrimp.

Before long, another patron walked in and sat near Ted. Around that time, I started talking to the bartender, Sven, who turned out to be a culinary school graduate (Johnson & Wales is located nearby), so we talked a lot of "chef-talk". At the same time, the other patron, Alan, was talking with Ted & Wendy about diving! This little rest-stop helped us find out about dive opportunities in Charleston (there aren’t many) and about restaurants that we shouldn’t miss (there are loads!). Soon enough, Ted’s tire was done and we were off.

Dinner tonight was at the Charleston Crab House. We enjoyed appetizers of Crab Stuffed Mushrooms and Calimari and I had another taste of She-Crab Soup. My entree was a Charleston tradition, Shrimp & Grits. Wendy had Crab-Stuffed Mahi Mahi.